Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Bailed Out Bankers

The Bailed Out Bankers
By Stephen J. Gray

The bailed out Bankers are free as the air
They looted the system, does anyone care?
They are laughing all the way to their very own banks
While taxpayers pay and get no thanks

The unelected bankers are imposing austerity
The International Moneychangers Fund (IMF) does not bring prosperity
The IMF is funded by taxpayers’ dollars
And the taxpayers’ are punished by these banking horrors

This ugly system benefits bankers
Are we in the hands of monetary gangsters?
What is the point in voting for politicians?
If unelected bankers are making decisions

They must be laughing at so-called democracy
When they get to dictate and impose a plutocracy
The bankers are financed with taxpayers’ money
Then they punish the taxpayers, is that not funny?

Surely, the system is a sick joke
When the moneychangers squeeze people until they croak
Banking bloodsuckers are running amok
And all the politicians do is talk

Democracy is dead, murdered by bankers
And the politicians are dumb as dangling anchors
The people are drowning in a sea of political fools
And the bailed out bankers are making the rules

The question is: Will the system collapse?
Is the answer: Maybe or Perhaps?
Can the system survive legalized fraud?
Or a justice system that appears to be dead?

Does martial law and chaos loom?
When the people protest financial doom
Will they be herded into newly built prisons?
Prisoners of the system who will not listen

The money changers are in control
And the politicians know their role
To be subservient to the moneyed elite
Will the people everywhere accept defeat?

If the time comes and they lose it all
Will the people take the fall?
Or will they take a stand against the money changers?
Will they rebel against the politicians and bailed out bankers?

Stephen J. Gray
December 29,2011.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The E.U. Debt Crisis,The Money Changers and Democracy

The E.U. Debt Crisis,The Money Changers and Democracy
By Stephen J. Gray

Why all the fuss about the European Debt Crisis? It is all being taken care of by “respected” bankers. In fact, the E.U. Observer of December 8, 2011, had the headline: “EU to channel €150bn to IMF for its own rescue.” [1] Now isn’t that banking sleight of hand a nice money trick? A good magical solution with tax-payers dollars! Perhaps there will be a transfer or service fee included in the trans-action. After all, surely, it is good business practice to have a fee for moving financial dealings back and forth. The sub-prime mortgage fiasco is a good example where debt was sold back and forth to various financial institutions and fees charged. So, hopefully in this IMF money deal a banker will get a piece of the action, and it is all secured by taxpayers who are paying for it. Thank goodness for the taxpayers. No wonder some of them are rioting in the streets. But hey, they just don’t know how the financial system works. They pay and the bankers play with their money. One might call it a public private partnership; this free enterprise system is surely educational! Where would we be without the bankers?

The bankers’ penchant for making money out of nothing is surely a “gift.” A CNBC article of November 30, 2011 headlined, “How Does Europe Borrow Dollars From the Fed?” said this: “Neither the dollars nor the Euros come from anywhere. They aren’t moved or debited from anywhere. They are invented right on the spot with a few taps on the key pad. And that’s all. There’s no printing press fired up to make new dollars or euros. This is sometimes called “fiat money.” But that makes it sound as if some command from a sovereign created the money. It’s really closer to “keyboard money,” since it is created by data entry in a computer.” [2] Wow, wouldn’t it be nice if we taxpayers could create money from our computer. Still, I guess taxpayers should be grateful they are in on this deal; they get to pay for it!

Paying for bankers’ profligacy is the role of the people. It is called austerity, and it is imposed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) a cabal of unelected bankers who are financed by the taxpayers of various countries. It is quite a system, first the people pay for them then they are punished by them. It is a form of masochistic monetarism accepted by the puppet politicians of various countries who surrender their national sovereignty to the gods of greed. One bailed out banker was quoted as saying he was doing God’s work. If the God he was talking about was Mammon then surely that fits his work.

“A crisis of economics has been turned into a crisis of democracy.”
David Coates [3]

Meanwhile, the work of saving the Euro continues. National sovereignty has been surrendered to technocrats, bureaucrats, bankers and the unelected. The Euro Observer of December 9, 2011 stated: “…almost all fiscal policy-making would be taken out of the hands of national assemblies and delivered up to European civil servants.” [4] The people are being betrayed by their puppet political “leaders.” Democracy has been ditched and political treason abounds. Referendums are refused and restrictions imposed. The crisis has been collectivized and bankers sanitized. The people are ignored and austerity is the final solution of the banking elite. A smell of fascism is in the air and the perverted money system is in the hands of the moneychangers who hold the power by appointment rather than by political approval by election or referendum. Democracy is dead in Europe slain by the banking elites. The quote below sums it up.

“I think that the European Union, like the Soviet Union, cannot be democratized.”

Vladimir Bukovsky

Stephen J. Gray
December 12, 2011.




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