Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Bailed Out Bankers

The Bailed Out Bankers
By Stephen J. Gray

The bailed out Bankers are free as the air
They looted the system, does anyone care?
They are laughing all the way to their very own banks
While taxpayers pay and get no thanks

The unelected bankers are imposing austerity
The International Moneychangers Fund (IMF) does not bring prosperity
The IMF is funded by taxpayers’ dollars
And the taxpayers’ are punished by these banking horrors

This ugly system benefits bankers
Are we in the hands of monetary gangsters?
What is the point in voting for politicians?
If unelected bankers are making decisions

They must be laughing at so-called democracy
When they get to dictate and impose a plutocracy
The bankers are financed with taxpayers’ money
Then they punish the taxpayers, is that not funny?

Surely, the system is a sick joke
When the moneychangers squeeze people until they croak
Banking bloodsuckers are running amok
And all the politicians do is talk

Democracy is dead, murdered by bankers
And the politicians are dumb as dangling anchors
The people are drowning in a sea of political fools
And the bailed out bankers are making the rules

The question is: Will the system collapse?
Is the answer: Maybe or Perhaps?
Can the system survive legalized fraud?
Or a justice system that appears to be dead?

Does martial law and chaos loom?
When the people protest financial doom
Will they be herded into newly built prisons?
Prisoners of the system who will not listen

The money changers are in control
And the politicians know their role
To be subservient to the moneyed elite
Will the people everywhere accept defeat?

If the time comes and they lose it all
Will the people take the fall?
Or will they take a stand against the money changers?
Will they rebel against the politicians and bailed out bankers?

Stephen J. Gray
December 29,2011.