Monday, February 7, 2011

Has society gone to the dogs?

Has society gone to the dogs?

Recently there was saturation coverage of the story about the sled dogs killed at Whistler, B.C. The killing of these dogs caused public and media outrage (as it should) and TV coverage and newspaper reporting went on for several days and still does. Global TV News B.C. had a story Feb. 5, 2011, of an organized protest rally against the dog killing. The word “horrific” was used in this report and one person was quoted as saying he was so upset he could not go to work for a few days. CTV news of Feb. 5, 2011 had this headline: “'Funeral procession' held for dead sled dogs.”

The dog story had even flashed around the world it was so doggone awful. What was the world coming to? But hey, this dog story had legs, and everybody was barking in sympathy at this atrocity to animals.

The Toronto Star of Feb. 1, 2011, had this headline: “100 sled dogs killed in B.C. ‘massacre.’”

CTV News of Jan. 31, 2011, had the headline, “100 healthy sled dogs slaughtered in Whistler, B.C.”

These dogs are described as being killed in a ‘massacre,' and of being ‘slaughtered’ and who would argue with that? The whole scene of killing helpless animals is very sad and troubling.

Meanwhile a few miles away in the city of Vancouver, helpless innocent humans are butchered in the local abortion chambers but there are no ‘slaughtered’ headlines for them. No media outrage, no funeral processions, no saturation coverage of the ‘massacre’ of these innocents, no charges laid, and the killings hid from public view. The scene of slaughter is protected by a “bubble zone” so that the work of butchering the innocents can go on without protest. Which begs the question: Does the killing of dogs take on more importance than the killing of tiny humans? Is it okay to have “freedom of choice” to slaughter the innocents in their mothers’ wombs, but not to have “freedom of choice” to kill unwanted dogs? Do the media care more about dogs than about butchered humans? Has the media lost its credibility when it goes into a frenzy over canine carnage but remains mostly silent on the human horror killings in the abortion chambers of the country? Is that not a doggone scandal?

But hey, how can these murderous attacks on human life be a scandal when the country's foremost abortionist receives the highest honor in the country for his “work.” The message in this country seems to be that if you kill dogs and you are reviled, but if you kill humans and you are rewarded! Have we lost our senses? Or has commonsense become so corrupted that we are literally and morally going to the dogs?

Stephen J. Gray

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