Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What Country Will Be Next For The Warmongers?

 Ukraine is the latest country to attract the war beast called the Neurotics Armed Terror Organization (NATO). This beast feeds on bloody death and destruction and needs war and more war to justify its existence. Its handlers are the political “warriors” of the world, some of whom finance and support both sides in war and lead the charge from the safety of their luxury bunkers, where they can watch the obscene action on color TV and computers.

Technological terrorism is the forte of the political war criminals some of whom use drones that kill children while the killers themselves are safely ensconced in comfortable armchairs. Should we call those who do these filthy deeds armchair assassins? [1]

Assassination is the forte of the rule of evil [1a] and the ‘Great Satan’[1b] is a plotter of the action. This smooth talking hypocrite and his political “allies” and corporate cabal, have left a trail of chaos, civil war, destruction and death in every country they have gone into.

What country will be next for the satanic cabal? Their Beast of Blood, this NATO-cide monster depends on wars, missiles, guns, tanks and bombs to justify its existence, and even reportedly helps the enemy at times.[2] What country will have the “earth shattering” and terrible experience of being “liberated” so that the machinations of organized evil [2a] and its war criminals can run loose? [2c]

For make no mistake these political, corporate and financial [3] barking “dogs of war” are on the loose. Their depredations and atrocities go unpunished. You can see them preening and posturing on the world stage, impeccably dressed in their expensive suits. (No wearing of combat gear for them, that’s only for the serfs.) Praised and acclaimed by some of their partners in crimes,’ and lauded as “statesmen” and “eminent persons.” They give speeches at thousands of dollars a speech to some of those who have profited from their decisions. Some of them even write books on their roles in corrupting the world, only they don’t use the word corrupting. They use words like “bringing democracy” and “responsibility to protect.” I believe it is the people everywhere who need protection from these international gangsters of evil who start wars based on lies and cause death and destruction world wide. These are the “respectable” war criminals to big to jail, too big too prosecute and too powerful to arrest because they run and control the system called “democracy” and they profit from their evil actions.

Which raises the question: Should these international political, corporate and financial gangsters [3] [3a] be allowed to make their bloodstained profits off the dead, the distressed, the dying and the decapitated? Surely, if we truly had a functioning justice system these gangsters would be put on trial? Alas, that cannot be done unless there is a change of attitude by the ordinary people who are in the majority everywhere. Perhaps the time will come when ordinary people will refuse to take orders or obey or vote for these criminal elites, and put them all in jail cells where they belong. Meantime, this international community of warmongering gangsters is running amok and the people everywhere are paying a terrible price.

Stephen J. Gray
April 30, 2014.


Friday, April 25, 2014

Are There War Criminals Running Loose?

The countries below may not have had our type of democracy, but
their citizens mostly had homes. There were no civil wars and thousands of people were still alive. Then the “liberators” arrived who were going to bring “democracy.” Now thousands are dead, maimed or dying and the profiteers of death and destruction feed off this bloody carnage, safe in their luxury office towers and offshore tax havens.
The following is a list of three of these countries now worse off and they could be called places of Hell on Earth.

Iraq: Which was invaded under the slogan it had, “weapons of mass destruction” turned out to be a lie. Over a million dead civilians, children dead or contaminated by depleted uranium and pregnant women birthing deformed babies because of the contamination.  Now there is a bloody civil war raging, people are dying every day, and the perpetrators of the war are free and hailed as statesmen.  Soldiers are dead and dying and some cannot even get their benefits after serving their country in this unholy war. Others are disillusioned and dying. They too are victims. See, “The Last Letter” at links below and other victims of war:

“Nearly 130,000 U.S. troops have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, and vastly more have experienced brain injuries. Over 1,700 have undergone life-changing limb amputations. Over 50,000 have been wounded in action. As of Wednesday, 6,656 U.S. troops and Defense Department civilians have died.”

“When we build the memorial for Operation Iraqi Freedom, let’s mention that Iraqi civilians were part of the carnage. Count them, and maybe we can start to recognize and remember the larger tolls of the wars we wage.” Washington Post, January 6, 2012.

Libya: Was another illegal war and the country is now in chaos. A civil war and killings take place daily. The country that was bombed non-stop for months by the order of the gang of “political warriors” is now a shattered shell. One dangerous political buffoon even had a “fly past” to celebrate this “bloody victory” in which Al-Qaeda and NATO [1] [1a] [1b] (supposed enemies) were both “helping” each other. Still, these “warriors of politics” called themselves “Friends of Libya.”  People must surely say and think, with “friends like these who needs enemies.” Now there is more evidence that the “United States” was giving support to al-Qaeda.

“The Citizens Commission on Benghazi, a self-selected group of former top military officers, CIA insiders and think-tankers, declared Tuesday in Washington that a seven-month review of the deadly 2012 terrorist attack has determined that it could have been prevented – if the U.S. hadn't been helping to arm al-Qaeda militias throughout Libya a year earlier.”[1b]

“'The United States switched sides in the war on terror with what we did in Libya, knowingly facilitating the provision of weapons to known al-Qaeda militias and figures,' Clare Lopez, a member of the commission and a former CIA officer, told MailOnline.”

“She blamed the Obama administration for failing to stop half of a $1 billion United Arab Emirates arms shipment from reaching al-Qaeda-linked militants....”

'The White House and senior Congressional members,' the group wrote in an interim report released Tuesday, 'deliberately and knowingly pursued a policy that provided material support to terrorist organizations in order to topple a ruler [Muammar Gaddafi] who had been working closely with the West actively to suppress al-Qaeda.'[1b] (emphasis added)

Syria: This country is now a hell on earth with reports of over a 100,000 dead, Cities and towns destroyed. Refugees pouring into other countries, children dead, maimed or parentless and the carnage still goes on and on.
The political warriors  make noises about how terrible all this is, while some of them make bloody profits from selling death and destruction around the world. Yet, these are the same people who talk about “international law” while committing lawless acts around the world. [2] Some of them have been known to finance and support both sides in their thirst for war. [2a] [2b] This excerpt below from The New American April 12, 2014:

“As if we needed any more evidence that the Obama administration-backed “rebels” in Syria are fighting alongside our avowed enemy, al-Qaeda, a story published days ago in Britain’s The Independent puts another brick in that wall. The paper reports:”

‘The rebel leader touted as the West’s last hope to stem the tide of extreme jihadist groups in Syria has said he will not fight against al-Qa’ida, and openly admits to battling alongside them....’

The New American went on to say:
“In light of the overwhelming evidence from such a variety of Establishment and alternative sources of the leadership role assumed by al-Qaeda over the rebel forces he has now ordered armed with American weaponry, one very important and potentially historic question remains: Is President Obama guilty of supporting al-Qaeda? If so, should he be subject to indefinite detention under the terms of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)?...

A plain reading of Section 1021 reveals, then, that anyone who is found to have “substantially supported” al-Qaeda or associated forces can be detained by the military until the end of the War on Terror....” [3](emphasis added)

I believe we are seeing a total breakdown of what we used to call a “civilized society.” I also believe our so-called leaders have failed us, and instead have become dangerous to our present day world. They are plotting for more and more wars. [4] War has become a “racket.”[5]  Therefore, I ask the question, Are there war criminals running loose? And are we ruled by evil? [6]

Stephen J. Gray
April 25,2014.


Friday, April 18, 2014

Are These The Machinations Of Organized Evil?

“Ukraine crisis: Geneva talks produce agreement on defusing conflict”
Headline in the Guardian, U.K., 17 April 2014. [1]

The article in the Guardian went on to say, “The US, Russia, Ukraine and the European Union have reached agreement on a series of immediate steps aimed at pulling eastern Ukraine back from the brink of war.”

Gee, that sounds wonderful, considering the people that brought Ukraine to “the brink of war” and plotted the planned “coup” and “regime change” of the elected government in Ukraine are now part of the group “defusing the conflict...” [1a Listen to video]  Is there anything more evil than agent provocateurs who dress themselves up as “righteous representatives” after nearly starting all out war? [2]

“Consider the comments of European Commission President Manuel Barroso. In a press conference held in Milan on December 9, Barroso twice appealed to Ukrainians to ‘have the courage and go out and fight.’” [3]

And now the undemocratic European Union (E.U.) is one of the political cabal “helping” to “defuse the conflict” along with the U.S., whose diplomats can be heard on video [1a] deciding who the government in Ukraine should be. And it just so happens that the undemocratic E.U. would like to have Ukraine in its cabal of member states, some of whom never asked their people whether they wanted to join the E.U. [3]

 Not to be outdone most of the corporate media mouthpieces in the “democratic” west, including Canada [4], ignored the coup planners and the evidence on tape and their plan for “regime change” that came  out of the mouths of the plotters. Instead, we had a “political warrior” who talks of his “allies” and whose last big victory along with NATO was Libya where they helped out Al-Qaeda, a supposed enemy [2]. Now Libya is in chaos and a state of civil war exists. But hey, this is what happens when our “great leaders” [5] go to war from the safety of their bunkers while the multi-national army of the New World Order (NWO) [6][6a], NATO, flies overhead and has at last found another enemy to justify its existence. All paid for of course with our tax dollars, and a comfortable resting place for its war business. [7]

 “the North Atlantic Treaty Organization [NATO] has just begun construction of a splendiferous new $1.38 billion headquarters on a 100-acre site in Brussels.” [5]

In summing up all that is happening, I believe we should be very afraid of our so-called “leaders” everywhere. If they have no qualms about plotting and planning wars [8] and overthrowing elected governments then we could be next in their machinations of organized evil.

“The forces of Evil have begun their decisive offensive, you can feel their pressure, and yet your screens and publications are full of prescribed smiles and raised glasses. What is the joy about?”
Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Stephen J. Gray
April 18, 2014.


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Monday, April 14, 2014

Do the “Political Warriors” Want A World War Over Ukraine?

"When a major power acts in a way that is so clearly aggressive, militaristic and imperialistic, this represents a significant threat to the peace and stability of the world and it's time we all recognized the depth and the seriousness of that threat." Stephen Harper, in The Canadian Press, April 14, 2014. [1]

Oh really, P.M. Harper should tell that to the B.S. merchant in the big house of no shame that is spying on the whole world [1a] and is “militaristic and imperialistic,” and has his sycophants destroying homes and killing children with drones in other countries. [1b] And has numerous wars planned. [1c]

Mr. Harper should give his head a shake and put his brain box in motion and listen to this video [2] where some of his “allies” were plotting the takeover of the elected government of Ukraine. Still, not only does Stephen Harper fail to educate himself on who started all this dangerous brinkmanship, his media mouthpieces [3] have also covered up the evidence that is available, that shows “regime change” and a “coup” was plotted by Harper’s wonderful “allies.”  And of course his “allies” have a history of starting illegal wars [4] and causing devastation and destruction worldwide. And Harper is the guy who talks about a “threat to the peace and stability of the world.” He should tell that to his buddies in the Gang of 7 (G7) who have been up to their dirty necks in regime change around the world for years. Oh, I forgot, they call this “bringing democracy” and a “responsibility to protect.” Their last big victory along with NATO was Libya where they helped out Al-Qaeda, [5] a supposed enemy. But hey, these are our “great leaders” [6] who watch all the action in the safety of their bunkers. [6a] After all, you can’t expect the “international community” [6b] to be where the fighting is. Can you?

Anyway, I have a suggestion for Mr. Harper and his “pit bull” buddy Mr. Baird. If they really want some action get some combat gear on, head to Ukraine and lead the charge for war from the front lines along with your Gang of 7 (G7) and corporate, banking and media buddies. Let’s see you all really perform instead of shooting off your mouths while others have to do your and your allies dirty work. Let the “war business” and “war games for World Leaders” begin. [7]

Stephen J. Gray
April 14,2014.