Monday, August 24, 2015

The Tragedy of the Dispossessed

They come by land and sea, with nothing left to lose
Homeless refugees, beaten, attacked, and treated like refuse
Men, women and children, the dispossessed of the earth
What did they do to deserve this appalling curse?

 Evil “leaders” decided to bomb and attack their countries
Now civil wars are raging and other terrible depravities
Countries, cities and homes, reduced to smoking rubble
“Bringing democracy” caused these victims endless trouble

The perpetrators dressed in elegant expensive attire
Are turning the world into a massive funeral pyre
“Respectable” maniacs spreading misery, death, and destruction
They are the bloody profiteers of hellish corruption

Their victims receive no comfort or consideration
They are the helpless refugees from many nations
Desperate, lonely, hungry and nowhere to rest
They are punished for daring to arrive, and to even exist

The war criminals that created these hells upon earth
Are posturing and parading and given a wide berth
They are protected and cosseted and hailed as “honourable”
In reality these earthly vampires are monsters and bloody horrible

They need to be arrested and led away in chains
They are enemies of humanity and totally insane
They are dangerous, evil, corrupt, and of ethics bereft
These ruling monsters created this tragedy of the dispossessed

Stephen J. Gray
August 24, 2015.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

When War Criminals Rule is This What Happens?

“To oppose corruption in government is the highest obligation of patriotism.”
 G. Edward Griffin

Hundreds of thousands of people in various countries are dead. Many soldiers are dead, dying or maimed. (After obeying the orders of these war criminals.) Millions of people are homeless. Their countries have been bombed, blitzed, decimated, destroyed and reduced to rubble. Refugees are in the millions around the world. Many refugees are drowning or dying in the waters of the Mediterranean trying to reach countries in Europe believing they will find a safe haven, alas this is not so. Those who make it to the shores of these “humanitarian” countries are subject to beatings, spraying with chemicals and dogs are set upon them, they are called filthy names and told to go back from whence they came.

‘They are men and women like us – our brothers seeking a better life, starving, persecuted, wounded, exploited, victims of war,...’ Pope Francis, quoted in The Guardian, U.K. April 19, 2015. Regarding Libyan refugees called migrants by the media.

These refugees cannot go back because their countries are now hellholes, civil wars are raging and some of the powerful people telling them to ‘go back’ are they same people who planned and caused many of the wars and ‘regime change’ in the first place.  Syria is but one example. There are many others.

“Despite warnings about the consequences from senior U.S. officials, the Obama administration made a “willful decision” to support al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other jihadist terror groups in Syria, according to former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) chief Michael Flynn (shown). That deliberate aid to Islamic terrorists battling Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad played a crucial role in the rise of the "Islamic State” (ISIS or ISIL). Alex Newman, The New American. August 11, 2015.

The article in The New American went on to say:
“While multiple top U.S. officials have already admitted that Obama’s so-called anti-ISIS coalition helped create, arm, and fund ISIS, Flynn is the highest-ranking administration official to publicly discuss the U.S. role in spawning the savage terror group now slaughtering Christians and other minorities across the Middle East. Almost incredibly, the establishment press and Congress have largely ignored the explosive revelations — even as the White House steps up its military aid to jihadist “rebels” in Syria with air support and training.”

One would think the ‘training’ of terrorists would be a war crime and subject to heavy penalties. But, it appears our “leaders” in the western world are above the rule of law and are a protected species. When, on much of the evidence available we should be arresting them.

Therefore, one has to ask this question: Why are these war criminal “leaders” still walking around free. Some are even hoping to get re-elected. When, in fact, based on the evidence available they are involved in coalitions with “allies” who are also helping the terrorists.

 So what can be done to rid society of these dangerous planners of hellish evil, I believe there needs to be present day Nuremberg Trials for those who have perpetrated crimes against humanity.

And instead of being protected in taxpayer paid luxurious surroundings they need to be arrested, dressed in orange prison issue jump suits and held responsible for their participation in the forces of evil.

Otherwise, if nothing is done to rid ourselves of this coalition of ‘international gangsterism’ then the rule of evil will continue its world wide crime wave. And we could be next on their agenda. Meanwhile, the corporate monopoly “investigative” media continue to suppress information on these powerful war criminals in positions of power. And Evil is triumphant.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

Stephen J. Gray
August 12, 2015.

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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Is the Use of Words Disguising the Horrific Effects On People Displaced by War?

Refugee: someone who has been forced to leave a country because of war or for religious or political reasons

Migrant: a person who goes from one place to another especially to find work

Recently in much of the corporate media, there have been reports of the “migrant” crisis in Calais. Most of the media are using the word migrants instead of refugees. As can be seen in the definitions of these words at the beginning of this article, the word refugee would seem to better describe these unfortunate and helpless people.  Yet, the word “migrants” is constantly used in news reports and headlines, instead of refugees. Are these desperate people, described as “migrants,” really risking life and limb in the dangerous waters of the Mediterranean, “to find work”? Or are they risking their very lives, and have been “forced to leave” their countries because of wars?

Years of endless wars has created this terrible human tragedy. Now these unfortunate people from a number of countries, who have lost everything they ever had, are now showing up on the shores of the perpetrators and financiers of wars. One could call them, “people seeking peace and justice.”  Unfortunately, there is no peace or justice for these wandering, desperate people who have nowhere to go and nowhere to live. Instead, they are beaten, harassed, tear gassed, and could have dogs set upon them for daring to try to enter the countries of some of the “respectable political warriors” responsible for the bloody wars in some of their countries....

In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

One has to admit the word “migrant” does sound more respectable than “refugee.” And “migrant” surely does a better job of covering up the atrocities committed by western leaders in illegal wars. These wars decimated, destroyed, bombed and blitzed many of the countries these refugees are fleeing from. Killed their children and relatives, left them all homeless, with nowhere to go and nowhere to live. Now large numbers of these hapless refugees, that the media calls “migrants” are showing up in the countries of the Gang of Seven (G7). Could this be called: “Poetic Justice”?

These refugees, called “migrants” by most of the media are I believe prime examples of how language can be mangled and twisted to sanitize a hellish situation. I also believe  the word “migrants” helps to divert attention away from the perpetrators of wars who are I believe responsible for this refugee crisis and who caused all these horrific wars in many of these unfortunate peoples countries. Now these people are showing up in their thousands seeking justice. But, instead some “leaders” want to send in the army on them.

Stephen J. Gray
August 9, 2015.

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Friday, August 7, 2015

Some Important Questions Not Raised In “Leaders’ Debate”

The televised debate, moderated by Paul Wells of MacLean’s, August 6, 2015 was a great chance to raise very important issues. This in my opinion was not done.  Surely, the greatest issues in any democracy should be moral issues. These were not even discussed.

Abortion: Here in Canada we have a situation where over 100,000 innocent pre-born lives are slaughtered yearly. Canada has no law on abortion, just like China and North Korea and this issue was not even spoken about. And to make matters even worse 491 babies were born alive in Canada after abortionists failed to kill them. Then they were left to die. Was this a case of infanticide? Infanticide is supposed to be criminal in Canada.

Euthanasia: Has now raised its perverted head in Canada. We have graduated from killing our pre-born young to the proposed killing of the born. The unanimous decision handed down by The Supreme Court of Canada that the government bring in a law “legalizing” assisted killing must surely make sensible people ask the question: Have these unelected judicial dictators gone quite mad? Sadly, this kind of lunacy seems to have affected the minds of much of the media, some of whom praised this obscene decision. Other scrum-bums sitting on a weekly panel on TV where they spread their weekly “wisdom,” thought it was a compassionate and fitting decision. And hey, “the polls” were in favour of it. Some others in the media even declared it a win for the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. One wonders where in the Charter is “the right to kill” declared “a right?”... Yet, this issue was not raised in the Leaders Debate.
I believe, a leader with courage would have used the not-withstanding clause to safeguard our society. But, this has not happened.

Terrorism: Was discussed during this debate. But, information on some of our “allies” funding, training and arming terrorists was not raised. Surely, the moderator, who is a journalist, knows that Canada is in a coalition that has questionable “allies”?  

Democracy: Was discussed, but only superficially. Bill C-51 was mentioned but I believe the meat of this matter was not really exposed. In fact, one is inclined to wonder, if our democracy could become a dictatorship? There is much evidence available to make this question important.

Secretive Trade Deals: Were briefly mentioned. Some of these secret “trade deals” are the Trans Pacific Partnership. (TPP) The trade deal with the European Union (EU) known as the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). Free trade deals could result in the loss of national sovereignty for all the countries involved.

The national sovereignty of Canada, I believe is in grave danger under these so called “free trade deals.” Yet, a cloak of secrecy surrounds this Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and as I mentioned earlier, moral issues are not even being discussed. So are these so-called “Leaders Debates” just a sham to make the people think democracy is alive and well in Canada? When there is evidence to the contrary.

Stephen J. Gray
August 8, 2015.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Waging War on Countries Then on Refugees

“Conservative MP David Davies has echoed calls for the Army to be sent to Calais and urged the government to build camps in the countries migrants were from so they could be ‘sent back in a kind and humane fashion’”. BBC News July 30, 2015.

What is ‘kind and humane’ about sending these helpless people back to their war torn countries that were bombed, blasted, destroyed and decimated by warring armies? These  criminal acts of illegal wars perpetrated by a “coalition” of “regime change” criminals has resulted in millions of refugees, hundreds of thousands of men, women and children dead, others maimed, their homes and countries destroyed, and numerous civil wars amongst the surviving populations. Hell on earth would be an appropriate description of what is taking place....

“A baby who survived almost two days without food and water was among more than 300 migrants that have been rescued in Sicily.
The infant had been crammed amongst men, women and children from sub-Saharan Africa who paid people smugglers for a voyage on a dinghy packed so tightly that even life jackets were not permitted.
Migrants landing in Italy told how they had been beaten and threatened with guns by Libyan gangs before beginning the journey across the Mediterranean that has killed hundreds of people in the past year alone.” Lizzie Dearden, The Independent U.K. August 4, 2015.

Yet, a well dressed Tory politician proposes sending these unfortunate men women and children back to the countries they came from.  Chaos, disaster, death, misery and mayhem is there “reward” if sent back. Does this politician not know jolly old England was part of a NATO group that bombed Libya back to the dark ages, and helped out ‘al- Qaeda’?  A civil war is raging there after a “humanitarian intervention” by so-called “Friends of Libya.”

“Elements of al-Qaeda and other Islamic extremist groups were known to be key players in the NATO-backed uprising in Libya from the beginning, but now it appears that prominent Jihadists and terrorists are practically leading the revolution with Western support.”[1] The New American August 30, 2011.

Libya is but one example of western support for terrorists. There are many more countries where regime change was planned by the west. Syria, Iraq, Ukraine and others are also in the mix.

And there is more evidence the west is helping the terrorists it is supposed to be fighting. But, this evidence is suppressed in most of the corporate monopoly media.

These destitute refugees are trying to escape from all these wars financed and planned by warmongering “leaders” And some of these “leaders” who are criticizing the refugees want to send them back to their decimated and destroyed countries. Some of which were bombed by the “humanitarian” west.

“The situation in Calais is part of a wider migration crisis in Europe - caused largely by the displacement of people from war-torn countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, and Eritrea, and also North Africa.” BBC New July 30, 2015.

I believe it is time those in positions of power were held responsible for their bloody actions. They are ‘accessories after the fact’ to all this mayhem and murder being committed in many of these unfortunate countries that are now hellholes of the earth.

Or is the Creator of the Earth, the only hope for these dispossessed, desperate and suffering victims? They are attacked, killed, beaten, sprayed with chemicals and set upon by dogs and armies, and denied justice by the powerful that caused all these depravities and depredations.

“Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.”
Romans 12:19...

Stephen J. Gray
August 5, 2015.

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Raging at Refugees

Refugee: someone who has been forced to leave a country because of war or for religious or political reasons

“Speaking yesterday, David Cameron described migrants as a "swarm". He was criticised by human rights groups for ‘dehumanising language’”. Siobhan Fenton., The Independent, UK, July 31, 2015.

These displaced people are refugees from various countries around the world. Their homes, cities and countries have been decimated and destroyed by wars and civil wars. Many of these wars have been caused by western leaders who invaded and bombed these countries. Some of these countries were also ruled by dictators who were supplied with arms from some of these western leaders and multi- national corporations. Carnage, chaos, killings and death have been the outcome. Now those who are still alive and who escaped from the hells on earth created by the “respectable leaders” of the international community are now showing up on the shores of some western nations and their sea ports. In the news at the moment is Calais.

“Calais is in chaos as both British and French authorities struggle to cope with growing numbers of migrants and refugees desperate to enter the UK.
Many are fleeing conflict, persecution and famine and are often at the mercy of human traffickers. The UNHCR has reported that 137,000 people crossed the Mediterranean between January and June 2015 and 1,867 died making the journey - more than triple the amount of the previous year.”

Years of endless wars has created this terrible human tragedy. Now these unfortunate people from a number of countries, who have lost everything they ever had, are now showing up on the shores of the perpetrators and financiers of wars. One could call them, “people seeking peace and justice.”  Unfortunately, there is no peace or justice for these wandering, desperate people who have nowhere to go and nowhere to live. Instead, they are beaten, harassed, tear gassed, and could have dogs set upon them for daring to try to enter the countries of some of the “respectable political warriors” responsible for the bloody wars in some of their countries.

“Migrants are set to face more dogs, fences and desperation after David Cameron vowed to take on the ‘unacceptable’ situation in Calais by plying the border with resources to stop migrants attempting to cross into the UK.”  Michael  Segalov, The Independent, U.K.,  July 31, 2015.

I believe it is criminal what is happening to these displaced and desperate people. The peoples’ tax dollars in the western world have been and are still being used by those in power to bring devastation and destruction to the countries of some of these refugees. Now we continue to punish them for daring to arrive on our shores. Many of our so-called leaders created these helpless victims; now like Pontius Pilate they want to wash their hands of them. Therefore, I ask the question are we ruled by well dressed war criminals that created these hells on earth for these wretched refugees?

The refugees in Calais are just one example of the many millions around the world. Who are suffering immensely from this bloody war business, they are some of the victims still alive. Millions of others are dead or in refugee camps around the world. Calais is “only the tip of the iceberg” as the saying goes.

“The shocking events in Calais this week are a reminder that we face the greatest refugee crisis since the Second World War with 55 million people in need of help.” Mary Creagh, The Independent, U.K. July 30, 2015.

I believe it is time these warmongering governments, the arms dealers and all others who profit from this bloody obscene business of wars were put on trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity.  Instead we protect them, when, I believe we should be arresting them. Now some of them are raging at the refugees they created.

Stephen J. Gray
August 1, 2015.

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