Monday, August 24, 2015

The Tragedy of the Dispossessed

They come by land and sea, with nothing left to lose
Homeless refugees, beaten, attacked, and treated like refuse
Men, women and children, the dispossessed of the earth
What did they do to deserve this appalling curse?

 Evil “leaders” decided to bomb and attack their countries
Now civil wars are raging and other terrible depravities
Countries, cities and homes, reduced to smoking rubble
“Bringing democracy” caused these victims endless trouble

The perpetrators dressed in elegant expensive attire
Are turning the world into a massive funeral pyre
“Respectable” maniacs spreading misery, death, and destruction
They are the bloody profiteers of hellish corruption

Their victims receive no comfort or consideration
They are the helpless refugees from many nations
Desperate, lonely, hungry and nowhere to rest
They are punished for daring to arrive, and to even exist

The war criminals that created these hells upon earth
Are posturing and parading and given a wide berth
They are protected and cosseted and hailed as “honourable”
In reality these earthly vampires are monsters and bloody horrible

They need to be arrested and led away in chains
They are enemies of humanity and totally insane
They are dangerous, evil, corrupt, and of ethics bereft
These ruling monsters created this tragedy of the dispossessed

Stephen J. Gray
August 24, 2015.

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