Wednesday, August 12, 2015

When War Criminals Rule is This What Happens?

“To oppose corruption in government is the highest obligation of patriotism.”
 G. Edward Griffin

Hundreds of thousands of people in various countries are dead. Many soldiers are dead, dying or maimed. (After obeying the orders of these war criminals.) Millions of people are homeless. Their countries have been bombed, blitzed, decimated, destroyed and reduced to rubble. Refugees are in the millions around the world. Many refugees are drowning or dying in the waters of the Mediterranean trying to reach countries in Europe believing they will find a safe haven, alas this is not so. Those who make it to the shores of these “humanitarian” countries are subject to beatings, spraying with chemicals and dogs are set upon them, they are called filthy names and told to go back from whence they came.

‘They are men and women like us – our brothers seeking a better life, starving, persecuted, wounded, exploited, victims of war,...’ Pope Francis, quoted in The Guardian, U.K. April 19, 2015. Regarding Libyan refugees called migrants by the media.

These refugees cannot go back because their countries are now hellholes, civil wars are raging and some of the powerful people telling them to ‘go back’ are they same people who planned and caused many of the wars and ‘regime change’ in the first place.  Syria is but one example. There are many others.

“Despite warnings about the consequences from senior U.S. officials, the Obama administration made a “willful decision” to support al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other jihadist terror groups in Syria, according to former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) chief Michael Flynn (shown). That deliberate aid to Islamic terrorists battling Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad played a crucial role in the rise of the "Islamic State” (ISIS or ISIL). Alex Newman, The New American. August 11, 2015.

The article in The New American went on to say:
“While multiple top U.S. officials have already admitted that Obama’s so-called anti-ISIS coalition helped create, arm, and fund ISIS, Flynn is the highest-ranking administration official to publicly discuss the U.S. role in spawning the savage terror group now slaughtering Christians and other minorities across the Middle East. Almost incredibly, the establishment press and Congress have largely ignored the explosive revelations — even as the White House steps up its military aid to jihadist “rebels” in Syria with air support and training.”

One would think the ‘training’ of terrorists would be a war crime and subject to heavy penalties. But, it appears our “leaders” in the western world are above the rule of law and are a protected species. When, on much of the evidence available we should be arresting them.

Therefore, one has to ask this question: Why are these war criminal “leaders” still walking around free. Some are even hoping to get re-elected. When, in fact, based on the evidence available they are involved in coalitions with “allies” who are also helping the terrorists.

 So what can be done to rid society of these dangerous planners of hellish evil, I believe there needs to be present day Nuremberg Trials for those who have perpetrated crimes against humanity.

And instead of being protected in taxpayer paid luxurious surroundings they need to be arrested, dressed in orange prison issue jump suits and held responsible for their participation in the forces of evil.

Otherwise, if nothing is done to rid ourselves of this coalition of ‘international gangsterism’ then the rule of evil will continue its world wide crime wave. And we could be next on their agenda. Meanwhile, the corporate monopoly “investigative” media continue to suppress information on these powerful war criminals in positions of power. And Evil is triumphant.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

Stephen J. Gray
August 12, 2015.

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