Saturday, February 16, 2019

You Can’t...

You can’t put corporate chieftains in jail for bribery and corruption
You can’t punish multi-national corporations because of their lawless actions
You must pass legislation immediately to give them immunity
You don’t want to lose thousands of jobs in the community

If the corporate chieftains are found guilty and go to jail
Then the multi-national corporations just might fail
Then the shareholders might lose their money and equity
There is much more to this affair than “corporate morality”

You can’t have “rule of law” for all, with a double standard for some
A multi-national corporation needs to have its scandals and fun
So what! If there is bribery and corruption involved
Just ask the politicians and lawmakers to do as they are told

If the multi-national corporation and its heads are found guilty
There might be no money to donate for political parties, eventually
There are lots of mouths that feed and need the corporate trough
Many can’t afford to lose their security and big payoffs

The masses “need direction” from those that are in charge
Do any of them care if there are criminals at large?
So just give the multi-national corporation more contracts and grants
And just let the system of “law and order” continue, with hypocrisy and Cant

Stephen J. Gray
February 16, 2019.

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