Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The “Rule of Law” Ha, Ha, Ha

The “rule of law,” ha, ha, ha
It’s a good rule baa, baaa, baaa
It must be obeyed so the sheep say
The law is not an ass, they loudly bray

The “rule of law,” ho, ho, ho
There must be “solicitor client” privilege you know
The “rule of law,” is a very serious matter
Telling the truth might be a disaster

The “rule of law,” nudge nudge, wink
It’s better to say that, or there might be a stink
Any evidence could be held “in camera”
To hide any happenings that might be improper

The “rule of law,” he, he, he
It’s not meant to be funny, please believe me
Corruption and bribery are serious matters
And nobody wants to see the “law” in tatters

So when you hear them say “rule of law”
Please do not laugh, giggle, or guffaw
The lobbying privacy of this corporate client
Is an accepted practice and needs silence

The “rule of law” means what the words say
The true story might come out someday
But until then, just accept, blah, blah, blah
The “rule of law” is not a joke: ha,ha, ha

Stephen J. Gray
February 19, 2019.

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