Thursday, February 14, 2019

The Rule of the Corrupt

The rule of the corrupt is everywhere you look
The Houses of Power appear to have many crooks
The peoples’ taxes are used to bail out the moneyed class
There are no bailouts for the ordinary people: they are bypassed

Multi-national corporations get sweetheart deals
They can commit crimes if that’s how they feel
Bribery and corruption is protected under the “law”
And legislation is passed to protect these scofflaws

The armies of governments are used as hit men
They bomb and kill in other countries again and again
War criminals in power get away with their depredations
And millions of victims are dead in many invaded nations

“Rule of law,” are words that emanate from political mouths
These are some of the people that voted for illegal wars: without a doubt
Libya is one country that they bombed illegally from the sky
And thousands of people are dead, and nobody investigates why

Other countries were also bombed and laid waste
By these well dressed villains of the human race
If there was a real “rule of law” and justice too
These blood soaked bandits would be on trial for what they do

A “justice committee” is set up to look at government “scandals”
And turns out to be a farce, attended by political vandals
Accusing each other of subverting “ethics” and “democracy”
While many of their past and present cohorts, forte, is hypocrisy

The peoples’ tax dollars are used and abused by political controllers
That are protected and cosseted like “respectable” shysters
The abuses they have committed in the name of “democracy”
While perpetrating illegal wars, is their diabolical legacy

The people are prisoners of a system, they’re conditioned to accept
Taxed, and taxed, and propagandized, and taxed again to death
One wonders, and wonders will the people ever say: ‘Enough”?
And will they continue to be docile under: The Rule of the Corrupt?

Stephen J. Gray
February 14, 2019.

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