Saturday, February 9, 2019

What I See...

I see a country being destroyed by those that rule
I see a country in the hands of fools
I see the peoples’ tax dollars being squandered
I see those in power giving perverted orders

I see our children exposed to mandated sexual perversions
I see this is called: “government freedom of expression”
I see thousands of illegal entries crossing our borders
I see them put up in hotels, is that a disorder?

I see our streets where thousands are homeless
I see no hotels for them, are we uncaring and heartless?
I see thousands of people attending food banks
I see our “leaders” spending millions on weapons and tanks

I see our “leaders” bombing and killing in other countries
I see all the war crimes caused by the war industry
I see corruption, and perversion out in the open
I see people marching naked, and this is not forbidden

I see people can be murdered if they sign a piece of paper
I see just like Nazi Germany we have “compassionate” euthanasia
I see hundreds of thousands of innocent pre-born lives
I see them slaughtered in abortion chambers, day and night

I see an abortionist gets the country’s highest honour
I see and wonder, about this land’s Charter
I see this document is called a “living tree”
I see and wonder is its fruit rotten, do you agree?

I see the law of this once great and decent land
I see it perverted, and killing is allowed by an “approved” hand
I see some of the people protesting this lawless corruption
I see others that think this is “caring” and appropriate action

I see a country that has legalized dope
I see a country on a slippery slope
I see a land that has gone to Pot
I see and wonder, are we ruled by crackpots?

I see a land that welcomes ‘terrorist militants’
I see what is happening as treacherous, but “consistent”
I see and ask, “Do we a have a big problem in positions of power”?
I see and wonder when will all this treachery be over?

I see and ask, “Will the people ever say, enough”?
Or is the country too far gone, in all this stuff
Are the people conditioned to believe, they are “free”?
I am just telling you this, and saying: “What  I See”

Stephen J. Gray
February 9, 2019.
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