Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Welcome to Tru-dope-ia

Welcome to Tru-dope-ia, a liberal land led by a Prime Minister (PM) whose government is going to legalize pot. In “honour” of this dope decision, should the PM now be given the title “Right Honourable Prime Minister of Pot”?  Surely it can now be said this is “The Land that went to Pot.”

This potty land is a land that changed the criminal code so that people could be killed if they so wished, though they would have to be helped by a “medical doctor.”
Who would have believed that assistance in murder would come to Canada, a country that has a Charter of Rights and Freedoms?  In that document there is no “freedom” to kill in Canada but there is a clear right to life. How then did this supposedly “civilized” country go right off its rocker and propose to bring in Bill C-14, a Bill to Kill sick and helpless people?

The unelected Supreme Court of Canada twisted and perverted the language of the Charter and declared there was a “right” for a person to be killed if they so wished. They gave the elected government an ultimatum and a time limit to bring in this depraved and illegal act of homicide, or assisted suicide. This atrocity would be called “medical assistance in dying,” or “physician-hastened death,” and other “nice” phrases and words used to disguise the truth, which is this: people are going to be killed by giving consent to those in the “medical profession” who are supposed to “Do no harm.”  Worse yet, the criminal code was subverted to “create exemptions” for their killers. 
This madness could be called “The Mad Scramble to Pass Bill C-14: The Bill to Kill People”

Still, this was a land of “real change” and “sunny ways.” People lined up to meet the sunshine prince, and some even paid money to get “access” to his “sunny ways.” This was called “cash for access,” and Chinese billionaires were part of these gatherings. Getting to meet the prince of liberalism was surely worth the money paid for an “audience” with “political royalty.”
He was giving away money like there was no tomorrow: “$785M over 3 years to fight AIDS, TB and malaria”
“... Pledges $20 Million At Abortion Conference”
“$14.25 million in funding to strengthen infrastructure development in Indonesia,”
“$15 Million For African Job Training”
  “...$2.65 Billion To [a]Climate Fund”
“...$650M for international abortions...”

Meanwhile “863,492 people... accessed a food bank in March” in the...country.

This feminist-man was on a roll, and giving away taxpayer money was his forte. One writer described him as the country’s “Willie Wonka”—though giving away hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ money was a lot of chocolate. Still, not to worry, the country was going to pot, and marijuana would soon be legalized. Never mind that the country has a massive drug problem at the moment with Fentanyl. Still, this was a land of “sunny ways” even though dopes and dope can be dangerous, and people are dying of overdoses. But hey, this is a “sunny and happy land.”

Sunny Boy was bringing refugees into the country, a nice caring move. Unfortunately, when he was in opposition he had, along with the other former leader of the country and most other politicians, voted to bomb another country that never invaded us. That country was now in hellish chaos and a haven for terrorists, and bloody civil war was raging there. Therefore, one might argue that he is now “helping” the refugees that he and other politicians helped to create. Though you won’t hear his adoring media make this connection. Now other refugees are crossing our country’s border illegally after he invited them to come to the land of “Diversity” in a tweet that got coverage around the world....

On another matter, controversy had erupted in the land over billion dollar arms sales to Saudi Arabia.  This contract had been approved by the previous government. Now Sunny Boy was defending his government’s support of this contract with the bloody, head-removing dictatorship. He reportedly said that “he needs to preserve the sanctity of government-approved contracts.” Still, he declared, he believed in the “rule of law.” But one wonders how a feminist-man can turn a blind eye to the persecution and discrimination against women in Saudi Arabia, a country that reportedly funds terrorism and is a supposed western “ally.”  It has also been accused of “genocide” and “war crimes” in Yemen. Perhaps he doesn’t know this. But hey, “ignorance is bliss.”...

The above information includes just some examples of a country where nonsense has become “normal” and a danger to decency, and where debauchery can be called “diversity.” And being “politically correct” on pot is a parliamentary “virtue.” Welcome to Tru-dope-ia.

Stephen J. Gray
April 25, 2017.

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