Monday, April 17, 2017

Is This the Land of the Free?


“Dishonesty from politicians is nothing new for Americans. The real question is whether we are lying to ourselves when we call this country the land of the free.” Jonathan Turley, The Washington Post, January 13, 2012.

In the land of the free is war their god?
Are the mad men of militarism happy and awed?
They dropped “The Mother of All Bombs” called “MO-AB”
Are they thrilled, ecstatic, and fiendishly glad?

The leader and his allies all dressed in nice attire
Are bombing and killing, and setting the world on fire
Are they blood-soaked monsters claiming to be “civilized”?
Millions are homeless and millions have already died

Hellfire missiles rain down from the skies
And many helpless people are trying to survive
Countries are destroyed and reduced to rubble
Can they “thank” the land of the free for all their trouble

Is the land of the free  ruled by another posturing fake?
Bombings are “beautiful” while eating chocolate cake
Is he a hypocrite who fooled those that believed his mutterings?
Now they are witnesses to his warmongering slaughterings

The blood-soaked earth of the Middle East
Is now a graveyard where gory wars never cease
Hell upon earth has visited and destroyed a number of countries
“Courtesy” of the land of the free, its allies and their illegal effronteries

Creators of terrorists and trainers of them too
This is what the land of the free and its allies do
Are they evil incarnate and monsters of mayhem?
Determined to make their own lands “great again”

Bringing death, destruction, misery, and famine as well
Is this the deadly products of this evil crew, from hell?
With their weapons of enormous and bloody destruction
They make countries unliveable and unable to function

How will it end, or will it go on without end?
This feasting on blood that these demons depend
Will these diabolical devils ever be arraigned and indicted
And will we ever see the land of the free tried and convicted?

“It has become embarrassing to be an American. Our country has had four war criminal presidents in succession. Clinton twice launched military attacks on Serbia, ordering NATO to bomb the former Yugoslavia twice, both in 1995 and in 1999, so that gives Bill two war crimes. George W. Bush invaded Afghanistan and Iraq and attacked provinces of Pakistan and Yemen from the air. That comes to four war crimes for Bush. Obama used NATO to destroy Libya and sent mercenaries to destroy Syria, thereby commiting two war crimes. Trump attacked Syria with US forces, thereby becoming a war criminal early in his regime.”
Paul Craig Roberts, Information Clearing House, April 15/16, 2017.

Stephen J. Gray
April 17, 2017

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