Thursday, February 28, 2019


If corruption becomes “legitimate”
How does the system get rid of it?
If it has become “acceptable”
Has power become disreputable?

If “the rule of law” becomes twisted
Does that mean it can be subverted?
Are there those that have no ethics?
Do they use criminal tactics?

Does lying and conniving become the standard?
Instead of truth, being the ultimate and most sacred?
Can threats be made by those that are powerful?
If a person does not accept what is unlawful?

Are the powerful above the law?
Should they be held in awe?
Or should they be held to account?
Or are they classed as paramount?

Does corruption become embedded over time?
Does the system become oblivious to this as a crime?
How does society get any lawful protections?
Surely, these are serious questions?

Stephen J. Gray
February 28, 2019.

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