Friday, March 1, 2019

When a Party...

When a party becomes dirty
Will ethics become history?
Will liars have an accessory?
Will corruption have a victory?

When the corrupt have power
Does the illegal start to flower?
Does truth become subjective?
When the lawless control the narrative?

Do lawbreakers get protection?
And get their satisfaction?
Does the party support those?
Who have an agenda to impose?

Do words become weapons?
To promote the party’s lessons
Is indoctrinating the masses?
Propaganda from the party’s asses

Does hypocrisy become a “virtue”?
When discussing the party’s issues?
Are the members happy and content?
When inside a big and tainted tent?

Can a party become a threat to democracy?
If it tries to enforce unlawful advocacy
If this happens would it be a crime?
And would those responsible do jail time

Does character assassination
Become the forte of an administration?
Are some a target in a party’s aberration?
Could bad things happen, if the corrupt rule a nation?

Stephen J. Gray
March 1, 2019.