Saturday, March 9, 2019

When the Powerful...

When the powerful don’t know they are corrupt
Will they be arrested as being morally bankrupt?
Or will they say: “they have their ‘values’ and standards”?
And that they will continue their rule, “moving forward”

When the powerful have no ethics, or principles
Is their government filled with grovelling disciples?
People who close their eyes and help disguise
The ongoing corruption and constant blatant lies

When the powerful control any country
Does interference become an industry?
Can threats be concealed, as not really real?
And just a “nice way”, of trying to close a deal

When the powerful use “acceptable pressure”
Is it camouflaged as just, “helping a venture”?
Would the rule of law be undermined?
Because the powerful were just trying to be “kind”

When the powerful attempt to subvert justice
Are they acting with criminality and malice?
Will the country affected say “enough”?
When the powerful don’t know, they are corrupt

“To oppose corruption in government is the highest obligation of patriotism.”  G. Edward Griffin

Stephen J. Gray
March 9, 2019.