Saturday, March 30, 2019

The Evil Union (EU)

There is an evil union called the E.U.
That tells other countries what to do
Many people of these countries did not get to vote
On whether their country should join this huge “lifeboat”

Instead their “leaders” signed their countries away
And now these peoples’ are forced to obey
The dictums that emanate from an E.U. cabal
Are they now prisoners of these globalist rascals?

This Evil Union (EU) was planned many years ago
There is evidence to prove this: Do the people know?
They could be the “guinea pigs” of the New World Order
The one world government: the end game of the traitors

How can countries escape from this undemocratic EU?
Are they now prisoners, being told what to do?
By bureaucrats and, an EU, “Unelected Commission”
Has “democracy” been subverted by getting E.U. “admission”?

Stephen J. Gray
March 30, 2019.

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