Monday, March 18, 2019

The Slaughterers of Millions by Illegal Wars: Tweet Their “Thoughts and Prayers”

The slaughterers of millions tweet their “thoughts and prayers”
These are the same people that sent missiles through the air
That landed on countries that never invaded us
Now they send their “sympathy” to victims, despite their war lust

Innocent victims continue to die in diabolical killings
In mosques, churches, schools and in countries that they were living
Violence is everywhere and in many a peaceful place
Have all these illegal wars caused distrust among the human race?

Civil wars now rage among countries once peaceful
The war arsonists are devilish and deceitful
The war fires are now burning in many lands
And there are many bodies and blood on the desert sands

Refugees are in the millions: try to escape the carnage
Many are drowning and dying on their voyage
Their boats are sinking in the Mediterranean waters
As they try to escape from the deadly war monsters

Presidents and prime ministers are “leaders” of these war gangs
Some are retired, but are responsible too, for their past harangues
They gave the orders that sent death and destruction into many countries
They also were part and parcel of this hellish war industry

This industry of death has sent death around the world
Its blood stained banners are raised and unfurled
Numerous countries are destroyed and decimated
And the beast of war is still hungry and undefeated

This beast of blood is rampaging and needs to be captured
Instead it has become praised and hypocritically exalted
Medals are handed out for serving with distinction
And homage is paid to the slaughterers of millions

Stephen J. Gray
March 18, 2019.

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