Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The War Arsonists

Arson: The crime of intentionally and illegally setting fire to a building or other structure.

The structures of countries have been set on fire “intentionally” and “illegally” by war arsonists in positions of power. [1] [2] These powerful war criminals are responsible for millions of deaths. Millions of refugees are in camps, some wander the earth, and a number of countries have been decimated, destroyed, blitzed and bombed into smoking rubble. These war - fire addicted demons from hell are the perpetrators of hell on earth. They reside in luxury in various safe countries, while their devil’s disciples carry out their depraved orders and hellish commands to degrade and destroy a number of nations.

Profiting from all the blood shed that accumulates from the torn and shattered bodies of the victims, are the corporate cannibals who park their bloody filthy lucre in offshore tax havens. There are no havens for the victims still alive, who are casualties of the fiendish weapons sold and manufactured for the atrocities of wars, planned and plotted by this hellish gang who do not fight. They are criminals from hell with fancy titles. Some are addressed as, “honourable” which goes to show how depraved and degenerate the system has become, when well dressed villains are given the title “honourable” for creating war infernos in various nations. These conflagrations of corruption are spreading rapidly and the flames cannot be doused, because these evil firebugs of war add fuel to the fires, by funding and helping both sides in the wars they have created. The infernos could burn for years, courtesy of fire starting “leaders.” Therefore the question must be asked:
“Should the Past and Present Leaders of a Number of Countries Be Charged With Conspiracy, War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, and Funding, Training and Arming Terrorists?” (See extensive evidence of their crimes at link below)

Any thinking person that believes in morality, principles and human decency would agree that these ruling gangsters from the pit of hell should be put on trial. Unfortunately, these reprobates have formed themselves into political gangs and they gather at luxury meetings on the world platforms, pampered and protected, and showing solidarity in corruption, along with their money changing financiers that finance the satanic fires of wars in a number of countries. Truly, that old saying “money is the root of all evil” is certainly true. Yet, these hellish hypocrites continue to parrot the words “rule of law.” To which, based on the evidence, one can only ask: “Has the rule of law become the rule of outlaws?”

These powerful outlaws masquerading as “leaders” need to be indicted and arraigned for their crimes against humanity. As should their propaganda pushers in the corporate monopoly media [3] that have failed to expose their criminality. Other propagandists for the war arsonists have been the so-called “think tanks,” “war promoters,”  “security specialists,” and a multitude of others with fancy names, whose main “work” in life is to promote and market the warmongering business. Much of this “business” is paid for by taxpayers’ dollars. Taxpayers’ sons and daughters die, or get maimed serving in the war system. They don’t know these treacherous villains in positions of power are reportedly arming, financing and helping some of the “terrorists” they are supposed to be fighting. [4] [4a]

“Lest we forget, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, have been financing and training the ISIL terrorists on behalf of the United States.  Israel is harbouring the Islamic State in the Golan Heights, NATO in liaison with the Turkish high command has since March 2011 been involved in coordinating the recruitment of  the jihadist fighters dispatched to Syria. Moreover, the ISIL brigades are integrated by Western special forces and military advisers....” Prof Michael Chossudovsky, Global Research, September 25, 2014.

The fallout from all this planned fires of evil is horrendous and I believe what we are seeing is: “... 21st Century WAR CRIMES: Millions Dead, Millions of Refugees, Soldiers Dead and Maimed, Countries Destroyed, Children Contaminated, and the War Criminals are FREE.”

“Power attracts the corruptible. Suspect any who seek it.” Frank Herbert, Chapterhouse: Dune

In closing, those who lit these fires of war must be held to account. Millions of people would be alive today, who once had homes. There would be no refugees fleeing their wrecked and rubble strewn countries, if these evil fire starting demons from hell had not ignited these conflagrations. Therefore one has to ask: How much longer are ordinary people everywhere going to tolerate the monstrous crimes and corruption of these satanic war arsonists in positions of power? The next victims could be you: Someday?

Someday if bloody wars should ever come to you
You will realize, what other people went through
You could see your homes reduced to smoking rubble
You will ask, if still alive: “Who created this hellish trouble?...

Stephen J. Gray
February 23, 2016.

“General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned - Seven Countries In Five Years”

“France's Former Foreign Minister: UK Government Prepared War in Syria Two Years Before 2011 Protests”

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