Friday, March 8, 2019

If Corruption Becomes Normal

If corruption becomes normal
Will the abnormal become moral?
Could blackmail be called acceptable pressure?
Does interference become just another nice gesture?

Can the language be twisted to make a wrong, a right?
Can truth be buried in broad daylight?
Do the masters of villainy hold forth at the podium?
Do they parrot their B.S. loudly ad nauseam?

Are differences on truth explained as misunderstandings?
And used as an excuse for possible hurt feelings?
Can nobody be blamed for constantly applying pressure?
Was it all done to be helpful and with good nature?

Can threats be acceptable for doing one’s job?
Are those using them powerful slobs?
Can the rule of law be held by some, in contempt?
Can it be undermined if some try this, and attempt?

Does anyone need to apologize if they are running the show?
Even if their explanations sound trite and hollow
Are bribery, corruption, and fraud really evil?
Does it become acceptable, if corruption becomes normal?

Stephen J. Gray
March 8, 2019.

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