Sunday, March 10, 2019

Can a Government...

Can a government be arrested in its totality?
If there is evidence of its criminality
If it tried to subvert the course of justice
Could the rule of law be in danger of prejudice?

Can “interfering” and “pressure” be explained away?
Because those in control have the power to sway
Can decisions be made to undermine the law?
Can a party support a government that has a flaw?

Can a government speak of having “values”?
When an ongoing scandal obviously, devalues
Can this scandal be described as, “misunderstandings”?
Can it be called “challenging,” at briefings?

Is the integrity of the justice system at stake?
Or was this scandal just a mistake?
Or was there months of endless pressure
Or is this scandal just a dirty picture?

Is all the interaction just “normal business”?
Or do the people need to hear from another witness
Should there be an inquiry into ethics and morality
When a government is “moving forward” in its totality?

Does a government not know how to handle “legal matters”?
Or does it need “expert advice” on laws that matter?
Would this scandal have ever occurred or happened
If the government had not justice questioned?

Has the rule of law been brought into disrepute?
If there is no attempt to try and prosecute
Can bribery, corruption, and fraud, be given immunity?
Can a government be arrested if there is criminality?

Stephen J. Gray
March 10, 2019.

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