Friday, April 5, 2019

Is Organized Crime Government?

When organized crime is government, is this what you get?
Marijuana becomes legal and with an accepted mind-set
The elites become marketers and pushers, and shareholders too
The stock market lists their companies as ones to view

Money laundering is done through legalized casinos
And all this appears acceptable because convictions are zero
But hey, this is the price paid for “respectable gambling”
And at least the money gets a real good, and clean, “washing”

Gambling is legal and promoted as being a “winner”
While some poor sods gamble away their money for dinner
Meanwhile the pot addicts are baying at the moon
All doped up, and perhaps driving high, on pot fumes

“Free needles” are handed out for addicts to shoot up
Some are left lying around and nobody says, “enough”
Assisting dope addicts to dope up, is “caring” and, “legally acceptable”
And anybody objecting is called, “uncaring” and, “unconscionable”

The “leaders” of countries are supporters of illegal wars
Their armies are the hit men/women that produce blood and gore
Armed gangs that kill are legitimized as “faithful warriors”
Destruction, death and killing are called “respectable horrors”

Meanwhile, in “health care” the pre-born innocents are slaughtered
These are the pre-born sons or daughters that are not wanted
The elderly can also be “terminated” if they sign on the dotted line
Legalized killing is now acceptable, and respectable and fine

People can march naked and parade on the streets
And leading the parades are politicians and police
Man and woman are no longer true words
And all kinds of genders are no longer absurd

Crimes can be committed by large multi- corporations
But a new provision can give them some kind of remediation
Ordinary people do not qualify for this I believe
They will go to jail just like common thieves

These are just some examples of what is happening today
Is this what happens when society is in decay?
Have people lost their awareness and their discernment?
Is this what happens when organized crime is government?

Stephen J. Gray
April 5, 2019.

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