Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Sooner Than Later

Sooner than later, this past and present ruling scum
Should have to pay for what they have done
They posture and preen on the world stage
These evil, depraved, war criminals of the present age

Millions of people are dead, their countries decimated
Millions are refugees, fleeing and devastated
Once they had homes, families, and jobs as well
Then the warmongers arrived and created hell

Killing and bombing in murderous actions
Their brainwashed servants get their satisfaction
Obeying orders to destroy and kill, in illegal wars
Their helpless victims have no immediate recourse

Meanwhile the planners of all this carnage
Sit in houses of power, and lie with their language
“Bringing democracy,” is their favourite falsehood
These titled reprobates are an evil brotherhood

If there really was a functioning justice system
These criminals would be on trial for their barbarism
Instead they are free and enjoying their high positions
Their victims are suffering because of their impositions

A number of years ago there was war crimes trials
They took place at Nuremberg for actions most vile
Today’s war criminals are getting away with murder
Hopefully, it will be their turn, to be tried, sooner than later

Stephen J. Gray
April 23, 2019.

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