Friday, April 19, 2019

If Jesus Were Alive Today

If Jesus were alive today
He would be in jail for having His say
He would be put on trial for telling the truth
By those that peddle lies and are uncouth

If He dared to question today’s filth
And its empires the establishment built
He would be criticized in the dirt-bag media
For promoting hate and hysteria

If He questioned the killing of the pre-born
He would be reviled and treated with scorn
He would be declared an enemy of “choice”
For saying, “Thou shall not kill” with His voice

If He tried to protect the innocence of children
He would be portrayed as a bully and a villain
Because the establishment hates those that speak out
Against the filth promoters, who scream and shout

If He said He created, “Man and Woman”
He would be told, “That’s not a given”
He would be ridiculed by the powers that be
And told by the ruling hypocrites, “There is no he or she”

If He said He came to save us one and all
He would be splattered with venom and catcalls
Because telling the truth about our debauchery and decay
Would get Jesus crucified if He were alive today

Stephen J. Gray
April 19, 2019.