Saturday, February 23, 2019

They Exclaim: “Rule of Law”...

They exclaim: “rule of law, rule of law, rule of law”
Are they the biggest hypocrites you ever saw?
Spouting words that we are expected to believe
Are they trying to confuse and deceive?

If they really practiced what they preach
They would let those in the know speak
Instead they hide behind pompous words
About “creating jobs” and defend the absurd

If a corporation was to get a special deal
Then speak the truth and let it reveal
What was said in important conversations?
And let the public hear all the revelations

If there was “pressure” from some in power
If that is true then they should have no cover
They must be exposed for justice to prevail
If this is not done, then “law and order” is a fable

Instead the public are fed sanctimonious B.S.
And any smart words that are designed to fit
“The independence of the judiciary” is used as a cats-paw
While they also exclaim: “rule of law, rule of law, rule of law”

Stephen J. Gray
February 23, 2019.