Thursday, February 21, 2019

Listening to Hypocrites

I listened to hypocrites on television today
Talking to a “justice committee” and having their say
A number of them were saying, a “remediation agreement” would save jobs
A corporation should not be prosecuted because the innocent would be robbed

The livelihood of workers were supposedly at stake
Therefore corporate corruption could be explained as a mistake
If they are guilty they should perhaps pay a fine and go free
Corporate contracts, jobs, and shareholders are innocent you see

 Many of these same people concerned about jobs: voted to attack other countries
The homes, jobs of their victims, were destroyed, was that not an atrocity?
These actions were also diabolical war crimes as well
But hey, hypocrisy rules in the House where “justice” dwells

It really is a sad sight watching this farce called a “justice committee”
If this is “democracy at work” then I believe, it is nonsensical and dirty
Everybody and everyone is supposedly equal under the law
But, it appears some are more equal: I believe that’s what I saw

If a multi-national corporations crimes can be explained away
Then this is a perversion of justice, that’s what I say
There is an old saying “power corrupts”
And I believe I saw it today, listening to hypocrites

Stephen J. Gray
February 21, 2019.

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