Sunday, February 3, 2019

Searching for Enemies

Searching for enemies keeps the establishment in control
But, give the people entertainment with a big Super Bowl
Burn up their tax dollars with fighter jets flying overhead
While the masses cheering, is very loud, and widespread

Searching for enemies keeps armies gainfully employed
Searching for enemies so that “war games” can be “enjoyed”
Searching for enemies so that the “war business” makes profits
Searching for enemies in the war marketers head office

Searching for enemies while training and arming terrorists
Treason and treachery is practiced by those that rule over us
Assisting the terrorists they are supposed to be fighting
Huge bloodstained profits are made, as they do all this inciting

Propaganda is peddled and promoted, at sports events, and games
Flag waving, marching, and cheering is done, in illegal wars name
Countries reduced to rubble by some countries “brave troops”
The victims; cities, and homes, are bombed and reduced

Refugees in the millions “live” in hellish conditions and camps
Millions of people are dead, and others are on food stamps
In the lands of “democracies” many thousands are homeless
Many live on the streets where poverty is their “business”

Some are veterans of the never ending wars
They did their duty and are not needed anymore
Others have been found to take their place in the system
Searching for enemies: gives them a uniform and a welcome

There is very little money for pursuing peaceful purposes
But plenty of money for wars, killing and other mad circuses
The masses dutifully accept, and are taxed for these realities
And the system continues to promote and market, Searching for Enemies

Stephen J. Gray
February 3, 2019.

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