Sunday, March 1, 2015



They say they are going to keep the people safe
By spying on them and all the human race
They say they have a “responsibility to protect”
So they bomb numerous countries until they are wrecked

They call this murder and mayhem, “bringing democracy”
But thinking people know, it is all hypocrisy
They order the serfs into obeying, “their commands”
Then the brainwashed serfs kill and bomb in many lands

They reap massive profits from destruction and killing
Victims are everywhere, some are still living
They never fight or dirty their hands
They are hiding in their bunkers; these ruling brigands

They kill and maim children using drones
They even reduce to rubble innocent peoples homes
They are the assassins in comfortable armchairs
They go unpunished: Is that really fair?

They even finance and train both sides in wars
They are the earth’s evil, warmongering whores
They profit from all this bloody carnage
They even get “awards” for doing all this hellish damage

They can be seen gathered on the “World Stage”
Dangerous buffoons who should be caged
They are the world’s so-called “rulers”
Dictators, despots and other controllers

They hide from all the violence they started
They caused the deaths of many of the departed
They should be on trial for many war crimes
They should be in prison cells doing hard time

They have propaganda pushers to spread B.S. and lies
They have marketing “experts,” and truth dies
They fool the public and use their tax dollars
They have turned democracy into self serving squalor

They are known as “honourable” and very much alive
Some have even been known to get a Nobel Peace Prize
This is a story of war criminals rule
They are the planets death dealing ghouls

Stephen J. Gray
March 1, 2015.

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