Saturday, March 28, 2015

Are Criminals in Control?

The Financial System:
The financial system was looted, and the looters are still free. [1] Therefore one has to ask the question, was it planned? Is there a world-wide conspiracy to control the financial system? [2] Which begs another question, do we have “respectable gangsters” in positions of power? [3] If so, then I believe we are seeing institutionalized corruption.  The system has been pillaged and plundered by financial criminals and none have gone to jail. In the Libor “racket” some of them have paid large fines and continue to operate in the financial world. Other financial institutions have been involved in laundering drug money and financing terrorism but still no jail time ensues. Many banks have been bailed out with taxpayers’ dollars, and many taxpayers have lost their homes and their jobs and have seen their pension funds and their savings go into the dumpster (no bailouts for them) because of the financial banditry by these monetary reprobates.  Some of these monetary manipulators have been known to advise governments, and goofy governments take their advice and impose austerity on their own people. [4] [5] Most of the corporate media are strangely silent on all this continuing malfeasance and these “media” are the supposed “searchers for truth!”

“Truth is treason in an empire of lies.” - Ron Paul.

The War System:
Endless war continues to rage. Much of it appears to be planned by those in positions of power. Endless bombings of a number of countries are taking place. [6] This is cheered on by the bloody profiteers of all this mayhem, misery, killings and destruction because this is the, “war business.” [7] Think about it, when was the last time you heard any of these corporate cannibals who profit from all this government and corporate carnage, talk about morals or the sanctity of human life? Should society continue to allow profiteering from killing, bombing, maiming, destroying and leaving numerous countries decimated? Or is society now controlled and ruled by war criminals? [8] If so, we are in the hands of total evil, and this evil will destroy and contaminate all that it touches. If we value liberty, freedom of expression, freedom of movement and freedom of speech we better get control of this insidious monster that pretends it supports “democracy.”

Are we being deceived by our governments? These governments are involved in  massive bombing campaigns to save the world from terrorists, while a number of these same governments’ have been assisting, arming, and financing the terrorists. Are we seeing a two faced game of political treachery by so called “allies?”[9] But hey, this is called “democracy!”

“Democracy” is part of the money system and the war system, though thinking people might argue otherwise. A “new world order” system is being imposed without democratic consultation. [10] The key to this is the money system and the war system, they feed off each other. There is a distinct correlation between the financial system and the war system. [10a] Money is needed to make war and war makes money for its “investors.” The only losers are the ordinary people everywhere. Their taxes bail out the bankers and their sons and daughters fight and die for the war profiteers, blindly obeying the orders of the war criminals that have been known to finance, arm, and train both sides in many of these wars. One could say there is an open conspiracy to control the world. [11] And finally, based on the evidence and the links in this article, I ask, “Are Criminals in Control?”

“Capitalism is the legitimate racket of the ruling class” Al Capone. American Criminal

Stephen J. Gray
March 28, 2015.


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