Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Please Pray

Please pray for the troops as they kill, bomb and maim
Are they just obeying orders from the clinically insane?
Please pray for the refugees that our “leaders” created
Destroying their countries until they were satiated

Please pray for the arms dealers who sell death and destruction
They make massive profits and get their satisfaction
Please pray for the inventors of all these deadly weapons
Are they responsible for their mindless actions?

Please pray for our “leaders” who stalk the halls of power
They have safety bunkers where they can hide and cower
Please pray for the well dressed: Ministers of War
They are called “honourable” amongst all the gore

Please pray for the Generals in their fancy uniforms
They plot and plan the carnage: Is this how they perform?
Please pray for the financiers of all the slaughter and killing
They are the “investors” in death and very, very willing

Please pray for the war criminals in positions of power
They are untouchable and an evil bloody shower
Please pray for the “justice system,” which is unjust
That allows criminals, to hold positions of trust

Please pray for the world and all of humanity
Are they in the hands of evil obscenities?
Please pray and pray of your own free will
That those in power will finally learn: “Thou shall not kill.”

Stephen J. Gray
November 4, 2015.

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