Thursday, November 12, 2015

Ding Dong the Dictator is Gone

Ding dong the dictator is gone, his followers now can speak
They finally found their voices they are no longer servile, or meek
Where were these hypocrites, when “Mr. Accountability” ruled?
They were silent and grovelling and by their master schooled

Now they have found courage; their “leader” is now gone
They talk “renewal” and “respect,” after all that was done
They will choose a “new captain” to command their depleted ship
Will the gullible masses believe their “new” baloney script?

Power and control is the aim, of this “democracy” game
It is said that those who play it, really have no shame
They promise the “true believers” a new and greater vision
Many even believe they will bring a political heaven

The masses think they will live contented, and happy ever after
If they try once more, and elect, another political disaster
The party names might change, but the owners are the same
And an X allows you to play in the farcical “democracy” game

And so the never ending political farce continues, unabated
The names and faces continually change, and some get reinstated
The voters dutifully turn out to vote, they love their political pain
It’s called political masochism, and getting punished once again

Still, that is how the game is played, and “promises and plans” are sold
Just accept this is; “democracy” that’s what the participants are told
In four years time they get to play again and vote for another try-on
And if they win, they can say: “Ding dong another dictator is gone”

Stephen J. Gray
November 12, 2015.

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