Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Political “Warriors”

The Political “Warriors”
By Stephen J. Gray

Standing on their platforms on the World Stage
Stood the political warriors of the present age
Dressed in their combat gear of expensive suits
These are today’s warring kooks

They are the warriors who never fight in battle
The rear end heroes who endlessly prattle
Their mouths are their weapons to lay waste a land
While others do their dirty work when they issue a command

Political hypocrites who don’t fight in the blood soaked action
Posturing and pontificating is their satisfaction
“Warrior leaders” creating hell on earth
Cackling and laughing in their insane mirth

Political clowns and dangerous with power
Authorizing bombings by the endless hours
Children are dying and a country laid waste
The “warriors” call this “humanitarian” it’s to their sick taste

They feed off death and call it victory
Their propaganda sycophants will write their history
Political warriors who lead from the rear
While authorizing missiles to instill fear

Do political terrorists control and rule?
Is the world stage a platform for dangerous fools?
People are paying a terrible bloodstained price
But hey, they are being “saved” by political lice

Where will it all end, one might ask?
Political war criminals are up for the task
Creating death and destruction is their forte
Thousands and thousands of “successful” bombing sorties

The slaughtered children cry out for justice
Bombed into oblivion by those who say: “trust us”
Their homes reduced to smouldering rubble
By those who were “saving” them, but caused them trouble

Who will be the next target for this “humanitarian mission?”
By these political killers and the brotherhood of perdition
Like sharks in the water, they have tasted blood
And these “warriors” feed on adulation, even though it’s crud

Are they political filth, as bad as the dictators: they say they abhor?
Birds of a feather! Are they are all warmongering whores?
It would be nice if they had to lead by example
Put them in the front lines of war. Let them have a sample

Let them feel the horror and misery of the bombings they started
Let’s see if they are “heroes” amongst the unwanted
But hey, political cowards don’t fight in war
They just encourage it, more and more

Can we afford these “honorable” ones?
Who are spending billions of dollars on missiles and guns
Are they sick in the head? Are they diseased war carriers?
God save us all from these Political “Warriors?”

Stephen J. Gray
October 8, 2011.