Sunday, October 23, 2011

Thoughts on a Great Victory

Thoughts on a Great Victory
A speech by the Right Hon. Mr. Slick Sicko

Satire by Stephen J. Gray

We are gathered here today to hear my presentation on our great victory over the dictator who used to be our friend and who was called a “staunch ally” by a NATO member country. Our former dictator friend is now dead, murdered by a bullet to the head after being terribly abused by our brave rebel fighters, who are led by an Al- Qaeda associate. Yes, I know Al-Qaeda is supposed to be our enemy but on this occasion they are our friends. Al-Qaeda on the ground and NATO in the air performed heroics to bring this war to a successful conclusion. Thousands upon thousands of bombing sorties were carried out, oops, I mean surgical strikes. Missiles were released on unsuspecting targets and some civilians and children were killed by the brave operators in the sky. Still, the price of a humanitarian mission is to save lives and if we did some killing oops, I mean collateral damage; then that is the price that has to be paid in a safe bombing attack. Cities were reduced to rubble, peoples’ homes were destroyed, electricity and water supplies were damaged and hospitals were overflowing with dead and wounded. We created hell on earth. But, that is the price that had to be paid for this humanitarian mission to be successful. I know some silly and ignorant people have been saying, it would have been cheaper and saved lives if we had sent in an assassination squad like we did with old Osama Bin Laden. But hey, that was not in the cards. Why do things on the cheap? We have an expensive taxpayer funded military arm called NATO whose business is war.

This was a war; and wars cost money and they also make money for some of us. This one lasted around eight months. Billions of dollars were spent by the “Friends of Libya” on bombs, missiles, guns etc. Now all that weaponry will have to be replaced. This will keep the arms manufacturers busy and keep people working. The ruined homes and infrastructure of the country will have to be rebuilt and our people will help rebuild it after destroying it. Is that a make work project or what? And the good old taxpayers of the free world will pay through the nose as always. ( cheers ensue from the respected audience of the international community)

Let me just paraphrase an old saying: “Out of evil work comes good work” ( much laughter and burst of applause ensues from the eminent persons in attendance)
But, I digress.
Working and warring for democracy is never easy but we keep doing our best to see that the world gets it. I know some cynical people will say that we supplied our old murdered dictator and former friend with guns, tanks and tear gas etc to suppress his own people, so how can we say we are believers in democracy? Quite simply, selling him arms and fawning over him was a business decision at the time, all of us elites did it. People say there are no ethics in our kind of business, still, somebody has to do it.

At the moment, we have a financial fraud and moral bankruptcy in the financial system and it just so happens our old deceased friend had “144 tons of gold” and billions of dollars in our respectable banking system not to mention plenty of oil. So when the chance came to bring our democracy to his country we decided to help with a humanitarian mission. In fact, we are hoping we might get a Nobel Peace Prize for our efforts. Still, you cannot please everybody, some people are saying we are war criminals and we should be put on trial. But hey, that will never happen; who would run the world? (A number of hear, hears are heard and a standing ovation ensues)

In closing let me say this, I would like to thank the corporate media who did a great job suppressing the Al-Qaeda and Islamist connection to the brave rebels. NATO for its big bang up job, no pun intended, of bombing the country back to the stone age. And let us not forget “The Friends of Libya,” without your authorization this massive bombing campaign, oops, I mean surgical strikes, would never have happened.
God Bless you all as you continue to bring democracy to the world and support international law.

Stephen J. Gray
October 23,2011.

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