Tuesday, February 12, 2019

When The Law...

When the law becomes corrupted
A country becomes maladjusted
Judges “read in” words that could be called imaginative justice
Thus proving that “judges” can hallucinate in their crassness

The politicians appoint these unelected judges that used to be lawyers
Then these same unelected judges/lawyers dictate to their elected employers
Has this system become a dangerous farce to so-called “democracy”?
When this type of behaviour is accepted in its blatant hypocrisy

What used to be a crime and called deliberate murder
Is now okay if the victims signs their own euthanasia order
Innocent babies born alive after failed abortion killings
Are now left to die and the “law” allows infanticide: Is that not chilling?

One of these abortionists gets the country’s highest honour
Is there a sickness in this land that recognizes killing, as valour?
The “law” and the politicians ignore these vicious crimes
Instead they wax “eloquent” that “the rule of law” is “just” and fine

Terrorists are reportedly allowed into this land
When instead these dangerous people should be banned
Illegal entrants are crossing our borders
And put up in hotels: Is that not a disorder?

We have thousands of homeless living on our streets
No hotels for them and no fancy treats
Many other people cannot afford to rent or buy a home
While the politicians use our taxes to travel and roam

They even propose that some corporations can break the law with impunity
Calling this perversion of justice a “remedial agreement” and with it immunity
Is there one law for corporations and another law for the ordinary people?
Which makes a thinking person ask: Are we ruled by fawning political “disciples”?

Unfortunately, in this “democratic” and “rule of law” country
The people did not get to individually vote on their Constitution: Is that not an effrontery?
Yet, the people are told how wonderful this document of “rights” is
And that they will always have their “rights” protected in joyful bliss

Still, this “rights” document is described as a “living tree” by a judge
And surely respected judges should be allowed to fudge?
After all, how will we manage without this type of “law” and “order”?
But hey, we are ruled and protected by a “wonderful” Charter

Stephen J. Gray
February 12, 2019.

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