Thursday, July 9, 2020

Lockstep Lockdowns

The lockstep lockdowns were almost military in “planned” precision
Nearly every country obeyed the COVID-19 virus lockdown decision
The money printing bankers, printed trillions of “emergency” funding
Were they in lockstep, did they know this pandemic was coming?

Only powerful people could have ordered this world shutdown
Was it orchestrated to cause an enormous society breakdown?
There had been previous viruses in this world that we live in
But never a lockdown of all humanity, that was overwhelming

The media dutifully parroted messages from those in control
And the public accepted the media messages as a “key role”
Pumping out projections of the virus twenty four hours a day
And the only “truth” announced, was what the media did say

They were the messengers and “marketers” of COVID-19
As were politicians and “experts” who declared a number of quarantines
Do we have a minority of people dictating to the world's majority?
Have the majority of people surrendered their freedoms to a “globalist” authority?

It certainly looks like the people of the planet are being herded like cattle
By blindly obeying their “leaders” and others who caused this lockdown debacle
Will the people worldwide finally speak up, and refuse to be dumbed down?
By these irresponsible “leaders” that are in lockstep with the lockdowns

Stephen J. Gray
July 9, 2020.

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