Friday, July 24, 2020

Hello Prisoners of the Pandemic

Hello prisoners of the pandemic: “How are you all today”?
Are you obeying “your masters” in what they dictate, and say?
Are you practicing “safe distancing,” and are you wearing a mask?
Are you listening to the corporate media who have a propaganda task?

To keep you scared and worried, so that you do as you are told
And “help you” get with the planned program, as COVID-19 unfolds
The media are the messengers, for the establishment, and the ruling class
Do you ever think and wonder, how all this madness came to pass?

Could there be an agenda, behind all this panic, over a yearly flu virus?
But hey, we know we can trust “our leaders,” that pontificate among us
Mind you, some of these same “leaders,” slaughtered millions in illegal wars
Now they are trying to “save us,” can we trust them, despite their dirty flaws?

Their banking “partners,” are printing trillions of paper money, to keep us all “secure”
The corporate cannibals and billionaires are not complaining, because they get much “more”
Is there a big bailout scam being perpetrated, while blaming it all on the Virus?
Do we have financial charlatans profiting, from a promoted “sickness” among us?

What is the “final solution” of the “virus experts” that locked down most of the world
Are they trying to get rid of people, is the earth's population being daily culled
Was this virus planned, or is it being used to bring in something else, after the epidemic?
Anyway those in control usually have an end game: So say, “hello,” to all the prisoners of the pandemic.

Stephen J. Gray
July 24, 2020.

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