Saturday, June 27, 2020

Do They Create...?

Do they create viruses to justify their existence?
Do they have jobs in labs creating pestilence?
Do they create and plan illegal wars on countries?
Are they war criminals with no ethics, and deadly armies?

They create refugees by the millions, with their illegal wars
They have slaughtered millions in many countries offshore
Yet, they say: “They are protecting us from COVID-19”
Are they the biggest villains and reprobates, the world has ever seen?

They shut down the world, and created worldwide chaos
Millions are jobless, because of these dangerous idiots among us
They have printed trillions of dollars, supposedly as a “rescue”
But, ordinary people everywhere will pay, for their dirty conniving issues

Now mobs, looters, and gangs, are burning and rampaging in the streets
Some of them financed by powerful people, that are the so-called “elites”
Is all this mayhem created, to impose a Globalist New World Order?
Are we in the hands of monsters, who deliberately created civil societies murder?

Stephen J. Gray
June 27, 2020.

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