Monday, June 29, 2020

The Sabotage of Society

The sabotage of society continues day by day
The promoters of evil are having their way
Corruption and perversion is enshrined in “law”
Politics and its parties are ruled by men of straw

The abnormal becomes “normal” and hailed as a “right”
Speaking the truth can be described as a “lie' and “spite”
The language is mangled, debased, and perversely destroyed
And children can no longer be described as: “girls or boys”

The words man and woman are declared to be: “not true”
And multiple genders are said to be “normal”, and no longer taboo
A man can be a woman and a woman can be a man
And if any person disputes this, they are told: “get with the plan”

What used to be called madness is now declared as “acceptable”
And anyone objecting is called “hateful” and “disreputable”
Slogans and epithets, are used to silence those that don't agree
And truth is now a prisoner, and free speech is no longer free

Every day brings more and more, noisy political correctness
And the politicians, cringe and cower to the usual suspects
If it wasn't so serious and sick, it would be laughed at, as insanity
Instead, what we are seeing is; deviation from the rulers of humanity

Propaganda is dished out daily to the controlled taxpaying masses
And thinking people are questioning the sanity of the ruling classes
Could a virus be eating their brain cells, and destroying ethics and morality?
And can this disease of the powerful be cured, that is sabotaging society?

Stephen J. Gray
June 29, 2020.

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