Thursday, June 11, 2020

The Demons of Davos “Great Reset” Plan

On June 3 via their website, the Davos World Economic Forum (WEF) unveiled the outlines of their upcoming January 2021 forum. They call it 'The Great Reset.' It entails taking advantage of the staggering impact of the coronavirus to advance a very specific agenda.” F. William Engdahl
Global Research, June 10, 2020

The demons of Davos have a plan for the planet
Will Covid-19 be the diabolical plan to “Reset” it?
They believe a New World Order must come into being
These globalists and their political puppets will be ordering, and decreeing

How we should live and what we must do
Do they want to control the lives of me and you?
Meanwhile, political “leaders”  and "royalty" attend their meetings
Is there an open conspiracy: Is “democracy” taking a beating?

Is treachery and treason now out in the open?
Will freedom and free speech eventually be verboten?
Will we be prisoners of a system of total control?
Will we be forced to live under Satanic protocols?

Over the years our taxes have paid for organizations that dictate to us
The U.N. The WHO, The IMF, The World Bank, and others that are a curse
The world has been surrounded by these organizations and many more
All put in place by those that have agendas and profit from illegal wars

There is a War Virus that is killing millions and its perpetrators are free
They planned illegal wars in a number of countries across the seas
Some of these war criminals are now “worried” about Covid-19
Are they the biggest criminals and hypocrites this world has ever seen?

Was Covid-19 a planned virus and a deliberate pandemic?
Were powerful people in charge of this evil epidemic?
Is the world about to be “saved” by the “caring” Davos man?
Or are devils and demons at work concocting their “ Great Reset” plan?

This gathering of the “elites,” in Davos, should surely make ordinary people ask this question: Are these people really “improving the state of the world.”? Some banks listed as Davos “partners” have been accused of “money laundering” and other scandals. A number of “governments” represented at Davos, invaded and bombed countries, in “illegal” wars, and reduced these countries, and their cities and homes to smoking rubble. Millions of people are dead, millions are in refugee camps, soldiers are dead or maimed many children have lost parents and others have drowned in the waters of the Mediterranean trying to escape from these hellish wars. Therefore, should we be asking the question, do we have: “war criminals at large”? In fact, some former political leaders that attended Davos, have reportedly been called “war criminals.”

Stephen J. Gray
June 11, 2020.

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