Monday, June 8, 2020


Are different opinions not allowed anymore?
Agree with the mob, or they might loot your store
Most of the politicians are grovelling at the mobs feet
And calling for “law and order,” can be censored in a “tweet'

Should we, “defund the police,” and let the mobs riot and rule?
Are we now living in the world of the mad, and the fools?
Is the media their mouthpiece and braying its appreciation?
Of all the unrest, that is affecting many countries, and nations

Some people have spoken out, and ventured an honest opinion
Then some have capitulated, lost courage, and agreed with the mobs minions
People in this time of Covid-19, could not go to church, to pray and kneel
But, it's okay for the protesters and their followers to kneel, and do as they feel

Are people not allowed to have contrary opinions anymore?
Will the day come, when mobs will break down their door?
Will nothing be sacred or safe in this type of “new society”?
Is this what is coming to once friendly, and law abiding communities?

Social distancing' no longer applies when the protesters are marching
Stay “six feet apart” is no longer applied when the mob is in action
Hypocrisy is a word you will not hear in the noisy liberal media
They are the marketers of these daily demonstrations, and all the hysteria

Is this the “new normal” that we have been told we must accept?
Will society collapse, until there is complete chaos, and nothing left?
Are we seeing an agenda of planned unrest and constant agitation?
Will all this result in some kind of dictatorship and total capitulation?

I will be conquered; I will not capitulate” Samuel Johnson

Stephen J. Gray
June 8, 2020.

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