Saturday, June 6, 2020

All Lives Should Matter

All lives should matter if the truth is told
Instead there is killing of the young and the old
Some are killed by state practiced euthanasia
Some are slaughtered by “freedom of choice” mania

Black and white pre-born babies, are cut to pieces in abortion chambers
These tiny innocent lives, are societies pre-born brothers and sisters
The old and the elderly are murdered by approved lethal injections
Once before in history this was done by murderous suggestion

Now we turn a blind eye to these obscene daily atrocities
Pretending we care, by twisting words and uttering verbosity
“...Lives Matter” shout those parading in cities and streets
Do they really, when some lives are treated like pieces of meat?

Looting, destroying, burning, and killing is called “peaceful protests”
By many in the media who criticize law and order arrests
Some policemen have been injured and some have been killed
When doing their duty, that they are expected to carry out, and fulfill

Slogans and propaganda have taken the place of “media news”
And the media are guilty of distorting facts, by their word abuse
We are all, “people of colour,” be we black, red, brown, or white
Instead much of the media seem to be trying to misinform and incite

Anybody that speaks out and uses their free speech to truthfully differ
Are forced to cravenly apologize by those that are dogmatic and “clever”
Society is being taken over by some that foster hate and gather
When in reality, it must be stated: “That all lives should matter”

Stephen J. Gray
May 6, 2020.

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