Monday, March 30, 2020

Will War Criminals?

Will War Criminals turn their guns on You?
If you don't obey, what they order you to do?
They have bombed and destroyed, a number of countries
Will we be next, to be controlled by their armies?

Our tax dollars finance their illegal wars, and invasions
We have paid for their atrocities, and their depredations
Their war crimes have been covered up by the corporate media
Millions are dead, because of all their slaughter and murder

They have even reportedly trained terrorists, in secret camps
This treason by them, needs to be exposed, by many lights and lamps
They even launched chemical weapons on Syria, with their terrorist allies
And tried to blame Syria's government, for their atrocities, with diabolical lies

Now we are told they are going to help us, in our quarantine
Will we be their prisoners in our homes, of their death machine?
Will they obey orders to hold us hostage, and perhaps subdue?
Will the war criminals turn their weapons, and guns, on me and you?

Stephen J. Gray
March 30, 2020.

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