Monday, March 2, 2020

The Interrogators for The Party in a Totalitarian Land

The Chief Interrogator: “Good morning sir, I believe you are running for the leadership of our ethical, principled, and moral, political party. We have a list of questions that must be answered so that you can run for this great office.  We will now begin with the interrogation.” 

The Chief Interrogator to Candidate: “Do you support, same sex marriage, and do you believe in, these kind of couplings”? 

Leadership Candidate: “No I do not believe, in same sex marriage, I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. Not any other kind of pairings. I also believe the unelected Supreme Court, was wrong to impose this on the country. As were the political parties that gave credibility to this nonsense by pandering to the unelected judicial dictators.” 

The Chief Interrogator: “Do you support LGBTQ rights and all the other acronyms for various rights in this country”?   

Leadership Candidate: “I believe everyone has rights in this country, and that nobody should have special rights because of their sexual preference.” 

The Chief Interrogator: “Do you support parades of pride and will you march in these parades”? 

Leadership Candidate: “No I do not support parades, where nudity is flaunted as a culture, and I certainly would not march in them. Furthermore, we have laws in this country about public nudity. Why are these laws not being enforced? Are some people above the law”? 

Chief Interrogator: “Do you support freedom of choice on abortion”? 

Leadership Candidate: “No, I do not support the freedom to kill the pre-born child, if he/she is unwanted. Some of these little innocents have been born alive in this country after failed abortions. Then they were left to die. This, I believe was a crime, but it was covered up by those in power in this country. Furthermore, an abortionist received this country’s highest honor. How sick and perverted is that”? 

Chief Interrogator: “Do you support Euthanasia? No, I do not support this abomination. Once before a country imposed, Euthanasia, that country was Nazi Germany. Now, we are killing people in this country by lethal injection. I believe we are headed down a path to perdition.” 

Chief Interrogator to the Candidate: "Thank you Sir, for your answers to the questions. I am afraid you cannot be allowed to run for our great party. Your ethics, morals and principles, are not in line with our party’s values. Therefore, we will be confiscating any monies you have contributed to the leadership race. We thank you for putting your name forward and hope you will continue to vote for the Party as it moves forward.” 

Stephen J. Gray 
March 3, 2020. 

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