Thursday, January 30, 2020

They Want Your Vote and Money

They want your vote and your money
Those that are running to lead a party
They sneer at your morals, ethics, and principles too
They call you “bigots” and other filthy names they spew

If you support protection for the pre-born child
Your defence of human life drives them wild
If you say that you are pro-life and against killing by “choice”
They vilify your stand with an angry and insulting voice

If you refuse to march in parades of debauchery and nudity
They berate you for having morality and standing for decency
They call you names for speaking the truth about indecent behaviour
They want to impose their views that I believe are a societal disaster

They tell you that marriage between a man and a woman is outdated
 That “marriage” between “same-sex” couples is “acceptable” and is “celebrated”
If you differ and say their invention of words are a lie and absurd
They will proclaim that you are a “dinosaur” and totally backward

They support the killing of the sick and elderly by euthanasia
For them this is just another “lawful” and “respectable” procedure
These are the people that say they are nice and kindly
Will you support them? They want your vote, and your money

Stephen J. Gray
January 30, 2020.

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