Saturday, February 1, 2020

Do We Vote For Political Dictators?

Do we vote to be ruled, by political dictators?
Do we believe this is a “democracy,” with sick behaviour?
We allow them to tax us more, and much more
They are addicted to taxes, these political bores

They have fancy titles in front of their names
They feed off our taxes, and appear to have no ethics or shame
Perhaps they don’t know the meaning of morals or principles
Because, once they get power they believe they are invincible

If eventually we get rid of them in another farcical election
Will we get another political mountebank who has his/her ambitions?
They know what their party is going to impose, and definitely must do
All it really means is: There are new political faces waiting to screw you

They vote for illegal wars, that they don’t take part in, or fight
They are hiding somewhere in a safe place suffering from fright
They even help and finance, and settle terrorists, into some countries
Treachery and hypocrisy, is their deceitful acts with their cronies

They sell weapons and missiles to despots and head chopping dictators
Could these weapons be used against our troops sooner or later?
Still, if they have no qualms in helping and supporting bloody terrorists
Why is this information covered up by most “investigative journalists”?

The media gets financing from tax payers dollars, therefore, they don’t even holler
Instead, they push propaganda, paid for with the tax-payers hard earned dollar
The system, I believe, has become corrupt, and the people are being used and abused
With their own money, and attacked for their morality, and their decency views

And even if you get rid of the present political poltroons
There is always another politically correct gang ready to immediately resume
Are we political masochists that believe this kind of “democracy” is “better”?
Will we ever realise we are captured and prisoners of political dictators?

Stephen J. Gray
February 1, 2020.

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