Wednesday, October 2, 2019

A Politically Correct Land

They are having an election in a politically correct land
Certain issues must not be discussed, and could even be banned
They have no law on abortion, the killing of the child in the womb
And no politician will bring in a law, and the pre-born child is doomed

The sick and elderly can also be killed, and a “law” has been passed
As long as they consent to be murdered: Is this not evil and crass?
This is a land where anything goes and morality has been destroyed
Ethics and principles are now in the dumpster: Are its rulers overjoyed?

Immigration is another issue that must not be talked about, or raised
Anybody attempting to do so will be called: “A racist spreading hate”
Meanwhile, thousands are crossing this land’s border illegally
And nobody in power appears to be taking any of this seriously

People march naked and call this obscenity their culture and pride
And the politicians and the police march with them: Has morality died?
Multi coloured crosswalks are declared a must, in many city streets
And multi coloured flags must be flown, to show there are no deadbeats

The judges “read in” rights that are products of their imagination
And special “rights” have become an industry in this politically correct nation
The words “man and woman” are no longer declared as being normal
And multi-genders are now officially approved at every political level

Anyone speaking out, and attempting to speak the truth
Can be accused of “spreading hate,” and declared “uncouth”
The children in the land are taught mandated government sexual perversions
And if parents object to this, they are accused of “confrontations”

Marijuana is legalized by government, and the country goes to Pot
Smoking dope is now a “right” and can be legally bought
Soon there will be marijuana candies, drinks and cookies too
In this politically correct land you can have dope to munch and chew

Is this a country in the hands of the degenerate and the insane as well?
Where morals, decency, free speech, and principles no longer dwell?
And people are targeted with epithets if they dare to take a principled stand
But hey, they are having a “free” election in this politically correct land

“He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

Stephen J. Gray
October 2, 2019.

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