Sunday, October 27, 2019

The Election is over Ontario and Quebec Control the Game

The election is over, and Ontario and Quebec, control the rigged game
The West as usual participated in this sham “democracy,” in vain
Will The West ever realise, the electoral map is just a joke?
It doesn’t really matter, how The West folks cast their vote

The game is rigged and two provinces control the country
The West should say: “enough” to this undemocratic effrontery
Now there is talk once again of The West wanting to separate
But, the establishment and the political class are trying to placate

They like the system and want it to continue its undemocratic way
But, they pretend, the West must be “listened to,” or so they say
Once, before The West got screwed, by those that hated the Party of Reform
If you are serious in The West, about separating, don’t once again conform

Make sure the people that really “want out” in The West, are true believers
Not those that are flunkies and sycophants for the political deceivers
This is why the country is undemocratic and has “democracy” only in name
The election is over and Ontario and Quebec control the rigged game

“The Conservative Party of Canada still has to pander to Ontario and Quebec because that is where all the votes are, that’s why they are talking about their carbon tax scheme and all of their social justice stuff...” Peter Downing, October 6, 2019.

Stephen J. Gray
October 27, 2019.

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