Tuesday, October 22, 2019

A Political Sewer

When a political sewer runs through a land
Then filth and corruption goes hand in hand
The good becomes bad, and the bad becomes good
And the rule of the decadent is disgusting and lewd

The Houses of Power become rotten to their core
Passing legislation for the obscene, and much, much more
The “rule of law” becomes a sick and unjust farce
And truly in this decadent land, the law is an ass

Pre-born innocents are slaughtered and killed
Those doing the atrocities, have the taxpayers billed
This is called “healthcare” in this twisted and sick land
And the powers that be, think this is “normal” and “grand”

The politicians all say: “They support a woman’s right to choose”
To have her pre-born child killed, cut to pieces and abused
Despite all the scientific evidence that she/he, pre-born, is a human life
These hypocrites of politics are callously supporting killing by knife

The elderly and ill can ask to be put down, and terminated
As long as they sign their name, this evil act is celebrated
Murdering people is now “legitimate” and politically “approved”
This is what happens in a society where “assisted killing” is “good”

Lawyers called “judges” dressed in fine robes, are declared “supreme”
Though they are unelected they rule like kings and queens
The politicians obey their unelected judicial masters
And judges can “read in” and dictate numerous disasters

The constitution is a “living tree” these ex lawyers promulgate and say
There is no limit to what they can do, because they hold sway
The people are conditioned to accept judicial approved murder
This is what is happening, in a land that has become a political sewer

Stephen J. Gray
October 22, 2019.

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