Monday, October 28, 2019

The Cesspool

The country has become a cesspool and a danger to health
It is ruled by a fool who is giving away its taxpayers wealth
Billions of dollars are given away to countries overseas
While thousands of its own people are living on the streets

Thousands of illegal migrants have crossed our border
And they are housed in hotels by government order
This country’s homeless sleep on the streets, or in parks too
No hotels for them from this incompetent ruling political crew

Thousands of people are laid off in the oil business in The West
And their tax dollars are being used to finance our illegal guests
A carbon tax is instituted and will be increased ever higher
How much longer can a country support a political liar?

People are being killed if they sign a piece of paper
Some have not even signed, but are sent to meet their Maker
Killing has now been “legalized” by judges on the Bench
These appointed former lawyers are giving the “law” a stench   

The rule of law has become the rule of the lawless
People march naked and obscenity seems flawless
Politicians and police lead these disgusting parades
And the depraved and the decadent the streets invade

The morally sick and sleazy dictate their evil wants
And the compliant media support all their debauched stunts
Propaganda is the forte of biased and twisted journalism
That makes one wonder: “Does their message sound like fascism”?

The contaminated country was infected by corruption
The disease was spread by powerful dereliction
Some of those in power did not do their public duty
And so this sickness had become dirty and deadly

It had spread through the halls of power
Even contaminating the country’s Charter
Judges could hallucinate and “read in” whatever they see
One judge even said The Charter was a “living tree”

Is there a “right honourable” lawbreaker ruling a country?
He and his party pretend their ways and acts are “sunny”
Has the “rule of law” become the rule of the lawless?
Is a once great land now in the hands of the dishonest?

There is credible evidence that he, and some of his party
Conspired with a corporation to do work that was dirty
A helpful “clause” was inserted in the land’s budget
Was this criminal, and is this some kind of racket?

Ethics and morals in this country are dead and demolished
This is what happens when a country is ruled by the mad and foolish
How much longer will decent people accept being ruled by a fool?
While their country is being turned into a filthy, corrupt, and foul cesspool

...Will the tax slaves of this land ever wake up?
And finally state and say “They have had enough”?
Or will this ruling insanity continue its crazy mad fling?
That destroys decency, morality and the good in everything...
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“The forces of Evil have begun their decisive offensive, you can feel their pressure, and yet your screens and publications are full of prescribed smiles and raised glasses. What is the joy about?”
Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Stephen J. Gray
October 28, 2019.

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