Monday, August 19, 2019

The Contaminated Country

The contaminated country was infected by corruption
The disease was spread by powerful dereliction
Some of those in power did not do their public duty
And so this sickness had become dirty and deadly

It had spread through the halls of power
Even contaminating the country’s Charter
Judges could hallucinate and “read in” whatever they see
One judge even said The Charter was a “living tree”

This growing blight had spread across the land
Resulting in acceptance of some things that were underhand
Still, those in power said the country had “rule of law”
But these “uplifting words” were spoken by “men of straw”

The continuing contamination by corruption was in the news
The “leader” of the land, allegedly, the law gravely abused
He was accused of abusing his authority and the law of ethics
Such is the sorry state of this land’s “democracy” and politics

Is this country on the road to ruin?
Do the ruling class know what they are doing?
Have some minds become contaminated with corruption?
Making them incapable of normal and truthful actions

If corruption becomes “normal” and people deny they are sick
Then the laws of the country need help, and an antiseptic
The people that are corrupted need to be quarantined without fail
The ideal place to put them would be in a maximum security jail

Then the country could perhaps give a big sigh of relief
The people perhaps would not have to worry about any more mischief
The “rule of law” and “justice” would no longer be arbitrary
Ant the land might be cured of being a contaminated country

Stephen J. Gray
August 19, 2019.  

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